Kalene + Jordan’s Romantic Alberta Couples Session

Local makeup artist, Kalene and her partner, Jordan, were high school sweethearts until distance separated them after graduation. A few years later, Kalene was back home visiting family one summer and she ran into Jordan. As they say – the rest is history.

Heading out under some pretty epic Alberta skies with photographer Katie Burnett, Kalene and Jordan were blown away by the results of their couples session.

“Jordan was a little uneasy about doing the photo shoot to start with (as I am sure any man is),” says Kalene, “and Katie made it so comfortable and easy going that we totally forgot we were even in front of the camera.

“When you see the photos, you expect all these lovey dovey poses out of the session, but Katie was able to capture the most candid, loving emotion without much hassle! We pretty much just hugged and kissed in a muddy field while she made the magic happen! She did such a wonderful job capturing love in the most unexpected ways, but she truly captured who we are as a couple.She has a vision and makes it happen! I love the photos so much and I have not been able to pick a favourite photo yet!!”

All images by Katie Burnett Photography.

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