Curtis + Ashley’s Downtown Edmonton Engagement Session – Edmonton Wedding Inspiration

Curtis and Ashley’s engagement session features some of our favourite things about Edmonton, including the Stanley A. Milner Library, and some of the character-filled streets hiding around the downtown core. Read on for more details about this couple’s love story and engagement, and enjoy some of the great images by Michelle Larmand Photography.

How did you guys meet?

I lived upstairs with three of my friends in a duplex while I was going to school in Edmonton, AB. Curtis lived in the basement with his sister. After Christmas break in January 2011, the girls and I were driving back from Bonnyville when a snowstorm started. On the drive, the roads were so bad my roommate hit the ditch. We all pulled over, and a friendly nearby farmer helped her get out of the ditch. We continued our trek to Edmonton. As we drove down the street a few blocks from our duplex, we thought we were all in the clear. I stopped at a stop sign, and with my wheels spinning, I was stuck. Both of the roommates stopped to help me, and they both got stuck. So here we are, only one and a half blocks from home, and all three of us were stuck in the middle of an intersection.

Curtis to the rescue! Curtis had just came home from work (at the bank)¬†in his black shoes, dress shirt and pants and he saw us stuck in the middle of the road. He came over and helped all three of us get our vehicles through the snow, to the driveway. I wouldn’t call him a hero or anything, but he became more than just the guy downstairs.

Our first date was about a month later.

All images by Michelle Larmand Photography.

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Tell us about the proposal!

We went on our very first out of country trip together. We were headed to Mexico for a week in the sun. We landed at Cancun International Airport around 5pm on Sunday, March 29th.

We took a bus to our resort and by 7pm we were sitting at the reservation desk to book our activities and make our dinner reservations. We made reservations for 4 nights of the week and then the lady that was helping us said, “If you guys are hungry, I have a reservation for 8pm at the steak house this evening.” I was ecstatic and Curtis looked exhausted. But being the amazing boyfriend he was, we went to our room, changed our clothes and were off to dinner.

On the way to dinner, I saw a bump in Curtis’ pocket and I started making fun of him for bringing his wallet to dinner, as I reminded him that we are at an all inclusive resort. Our food was delicious. After dinner on our way back to our room, Curtis said we should go for a walk and check out the beach. I agreed and we began our walk down the cement pathway.

As we got to the beach I took off my shoes and began walking on the sand, giggling and making fun of the couples that were making out on the beach chairs. Curtis was quietly standing at the edge of the beach. I turned around and put my shoes back on and as I started walking back towards the path, Curtis said my name. I turned around and he was down on one knee. He asked me to marry him and I shockingly asked “Is this for real?” He said, “does that mean yes?” I said YES!!! We walked off the beach to a nearby light, and I put on the ring. Gleaming, we went for the rest of our walk down the pathway, back to our room.

CurtisandAshleyEngaged019 CurtisandAshleyEngaged020 CurtisandAshleyEngaged021 CurtisandAshleyEngaged022 CurtisandAshleyEngaged023 CurtisandAshleyEngaged024 CurtisandAshleyEngaged025 CurtisandAshleyEngaged026 CurtisandAshleyEngaged028 CurtisandAshleyEngaged029 CurtisandAshleyEngaged030 CurtisandAshleyEngaged031 CurtisandAshleyEngaged032 CurtisandAshleyEngaged036 CurtisandAshleyEngaged037 CurtisandAshleyEngaged040 CurtisandAshleyEngaged041 CurtisandAshleyEngaged045 CurtisandAshleyEngaged046 CurtisandAshleyEngaged060 CurtisandAshleyEngaged072 CurtisandAshleyEngaged075 CurtisandAshleyEngaged079 CurtisandAshleyEngaged081 CurtisandAshleyEngaged087 CurtisandAshleyEngaged092 CurtisandAshleyEngaged095 CurtisandAshleyEngaged096 CurtisandAshleyEngaged097 CurtisandAshleyEngaged099 CurtisandAshleyEngaged100 CurtisandAshleyEngaged102