Tyler + Alyse’s Elegant Rustic White and Blush Wedding – Edmonton Wedding Inspiration

With the help of family and friends, Tyler and Alyse said their vows on a beautiful blue-skied day at Tofield’s gorgeous Lions Garden ceremony venue. Tyler’s Grandfather married the couple, and the bride and her family made the beautiful floral garland that hung above the altar, as well as countless other personal touches.

Photographers Mark and Tracey Crown captured this stunning wedding, and we are so excited to share their work with you today. Read on for an epic proposal story, and a few snippets of advice from the newlyweds. Enjoy!

All images by Crown Photography.

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How did you meet?

We met while working at a children’s summer camp, called Camp Caroline. Tyler was the lifeguard and Alyse was a relief counsellor. We became good friends over the summer and started dating soon after camp ended.

CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-20 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-21 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-22 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-23 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-24 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-25 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-26 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-27 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-28 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-29 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-30 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-31 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-32 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-33 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-34 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-35 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-36 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-37 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-39 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-40 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-41

What was the proposal like?

I have always told Tyler the only thing I wanted was for the proposal to be a surprise. I could usually tell when Tyler was planning something but I had no idea what was coming. I worked all day on Saturday and as my shift was coming to an end my best friend Nicole walked into my work with two roses. My initial thought was “so fun, we are going on a double date with Nicole and her boyfriend Nathaniel!”

However after getting in Nicole’s car I knew something was up. She handed me a note from Tyler that said something along the lines of “I love you and I’ll see you soon”. Nicole drove me to my parents’ house and there was another note on the door. When I walked inside the house the inside was covered in rose petals. My parents welcomed me at the front door and with tears and smiles both gave me a hug.

My note told me to go to the television and press play. I then watched a video of pictures of us from when we first met to the present day with some of our favourite songs. I cried and held my best friends hands as I knew what was coming. At the end of the video I was told to go upstairs and get ready. I changed and came downstairs where Nicole told me to wear comfortable shoes, put on bug spray, and put on hand lotion. It’s safe to say I was completely confused by this.

I walked outside and Nicole’s boyfriend Nathaniel was waiting outside my house. I asked what was going on but they were quick to change the subject. We walked down the road to the ravine where my friends and I went when we were young to adventure and explore. As I walked down the path I would meet up with another one of my close friends who would be standing under decorated trees holding a rose. We would hug and walk a little further to find another one of my friends, this happened a few times until we got to a point where now I had to walk a little further by myself.

I heard the song “Tenerife Sea” by Ed Sheeran playing. This was the song my niece chose for Tyler to propose to me with which would later be our first dance song at our wedding. I turned the corner and Tyler was standing under decorated trees, at the end of an aisle of rose petals. Our friend Jordan was there taking pictures and I later found out that our other friend Thomas was hiding in the bushes filming it all.

I walked up to Tyler – half crying, half laughing – where he reminded me of our past, how he felt in the present and his excitement for our future. He laid out his heart for me followed by getting down on one knee and proposing with the most beautiful ring. I, in disbelief and excitement, said yes through laughs and tears. We then went out to a field in the ravine where our friends took engagement photos of us. It was so special to be able to capture that raw emotion.

Tyler and I then went to his car where he had letters for me that he had been writing in the days past. They included details about the day he asked my dad’s permission, his emotions leading up to the day, and his frustration when I would be busy and he would have to change his proposal plan. They were fun to talk about and read as we took a moment for just us. We then drove back to my parent’s house where all of our friends and some of my family were there to celebrate. It was the most perfect proposal, and a day I will never forget.

CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-43 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-44 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-45 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-46 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-48 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-49 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-50 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-51 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-53
Tell us about the planning process! Was there anything you were worried wouldn’t work, but turned out awesome?

Between our love for projects and Alyse’s job at David’s Bridal, we were excited to take on most of the planning ourselves. We soon came to realize the enormous amount of work that it takes to plan a wedding but our friends and family were always there to lend a hand and offer their support. We had envisioned a flower garland across the top beam of the structure at our ceremony site and Alyse was quick to take this on as a project. After many trips to the dollar store (thanks mom), we finally had the necessary parts to start making this craft a reality. Alyse worked so hard on this. She spent numerous hours gluing, cutting, positioning, and perfecting each flower on this massive garland. We were so nervous to see how this would be mounted to the beam, but thanks to Alyse’s dad and his skillful engineering, it stayed up on the day and we were able to use it for both the ceremony and the reception.

CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-56 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-59 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-61 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-62 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-63 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-66 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-69 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-72

What was the best moment of the day?

Tyler: The best part of the day, in my opinion, was when I saw Alyse for the first time in her dress. She was absolutely stunning. I had imagined this moment since I knew that I wanted to marry her, and seeing her walk towards me, so happy and beautiful, made me literally weak at the knees. We had been so busy up until this point and everyone is sure to tell you what to expect but nothing could have prepared me for the feeling that I experienced when I saw her. Certainty, humility, love.

Alyse: My favorite moment from our wedding day was our first dance. From the moment we woke up we were surrounded by those we love most. But in all the excitement and business of the day I remember cherishing those precious few moments to just hold one another and let it all sink in. It felt like it was just the two of us in the room, dancing to the song that was playing when Tyler had proposed to me and we made that initial commitment to spend our lives together. That song, and that moment will be one that I remember forever.

CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-73 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-74 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-75 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-76 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-77 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-79 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-80 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-81 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-82 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-83

Got any advice for someone planning an edmonton wedding?

Take time to enjoy the planning process. It goes by so fast and there are many moments that should be remembered and cherished.

Some advice we could offer would be to invest in a decorator for your day. This took the pressure off of our family and friends and with someone who truly knows what you want, it was easy to trust that our day would be everything and more we imagined.

CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-85 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-86 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-87 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-89 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-92 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-93 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-94 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-95 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-97 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-98

Vendor shoutouts – what vendors made your day awesome?

Photography: Crown Photography went above and beyond our expectations. They took the time to get a clear picture of what we wanted and made sure that we didn’t have to worry about a single thing when it came to the photos of our day. We could not be happier with our photo book and the quality of work they provided. We highly recommend them. You will not be disappointed!

Decor: Kristen Hunter Event & Décor out of Camrose was amazing. Her team went almost unnoticed throughout the day as they seamlessly set up our ceremony site out of town, and simultaneously set up our reception venue. She took the time to get to know us and our style which was evident in the decor she provided.

CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-99 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-101 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-103 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-104 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-105 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-107 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-108 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-109 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-110 CrownPhotography-TylerandAlyse-111
Is there anything else about your wedding that you’d like to share with us?
It was a perfect day, shared in the company of those who mean the most to us. The wedding is beautiful but the life you get to create after is far more special when shared with the right person.

Additional Vendors: 

Hair: DJ Govereau from Lorenzo Lawrence Hair Salon
Makeup: Miranda Fedoretz
Flowers: Pam Foss from Safeway
Cake + Cupcakes: Nicole Galloway, Cupcake Chemistry
DJ: Revolution Entertainment
Videography: Shea Gibson
Attendants’ Dresses: David’s Bridal
Bride’s Dress + Veil: Vera Wang from David’s Bridal
Suits: Tip Top