The Pros and Cons of using Pinterest for Wedding Planning

Over the past few years, Pinterest and wedding planning have become practically inseparable, with wedding photographers often being at the mercy of the high expectations Pinterest puts on wedding photography. Photographer Haley Shandro of Shandro Photo weighs in on the pros and cons of Pinterest, with help from some of her past brides. Enjoy! 

Some photographers cringe when they hear their brides mention ‘Pinterest’. And I say brides and not couples because let’s face it…most of our clients who use Pinterest are brides rather than grooms. What we cringe at is the fear that we will be asked to photoshop dinosaurs behind a bridal party running away in fear, or that our bride may have unrealistic expectations of what we can produced based on what she finds on the internet.

But should we be scared? I interviewed some happily married brides to get some perspective on Pinterest.

First is Kelsey, who got married this past October. Kelsey sent me some of her Pinterest photos prior to me photographing her wedding, and in putting this article together I asked her to share her wedding Pinterest board (below) with me so I could have a look at what she used for inspiration.

Kelsey2 Kelsey3

From Kelsey:

I started pinning before I was even engaged. I actually used a few ideas exactly, but most things I used as an idea and then made it my own. I got the colours of purple, orange and grey from Pinterest as well as my centrepieces. I loved almost every single thing about my wedding. I look at what I pinned and then my pictures and I used everything that I wanted, I don’t regret using or not using any ideas. My Pinterest board is mostly fall and rustic and that’s what my wedding was. And also a few of the pictures that you took were ideas from Pinterest. Like the bouquets and the laying in the leaves pictures.

I do feel like looking through Pinterest was overwhelming because there were so many amazing and beautiful ideas, I didn’t think I would be able to have a wedding like that. I also was getting too many ideas so at one time I felt like I had a bunch of themes that didn’t really go together. I had to think about what I really wanted my wedding to be and that was rustic fall. After I realized that some things were a big unattainable, it worked out really well. I don’t know what people did before Pinterest – haha!

 Here are some of Kelsey’s pins on the left, along with our images on the right.  


With the exception of the ring photo (in the laces of her dress) I hadn’t seen any of the images on the left before, and the images on the right are what I photographed of her wedding. From a photographer’s perspective after the fact, I can see that her Pinterest board was used more for ideas about style and perhaps finding specific touches like her cake topper rather than having expectations of me as a photographer to recreate someone else’s work. Judging from her board and what I created for her I can see that we hit the nail on the head! She definitely drew inspiration from Pinterest, and I love the images that I made for her.

You can view our blog post about Kelsey and Parker’s wedding here.

Another past bride of mine, Jeanelle (pictured below), was married in 2013 – here are some words from her!

Haley, my photographer, was the person who told me about Pinterest, from our very first meeting. I didn’t really use it too much for photo ideas, and I knew her work and I loved/love everything she did. I did, however, pin a few different ideas for decor, which she captured amazing in the photos. As I go back through my pins for my wedding I notice that a lot of them are similar in style – a bright, clear, traditional feel. I feel like that is the style of wedding we were going for as well with the black and white with a touch of blue. And I believe she captured it completely. I don’t think Pinterest had changed my expectations for the quality or feel of the photos I got as I had already picked her as a photographer prior to using Pinterest for ideas.

Lastly, here are some words from one of my clients giving her perspective on Pinterest (I did not photograph her wedding, but have now done her pregnancy announcement and maternity!):

Soo…. Pinterest, lol! I had a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. I did love it for when I was stuck on an idea for something it gave me lots of different options of what to do and tons of ideas so that was nice. I was good for a lot of the finishing touches for the wedding and just some different ideas for the wedding. The only other thing about Pinterest is that it gets to a point that it just becomes unrealistic to have a Pinterest wedding you will make yourself broke because there is always another idea or something you can find to add to the wedding it really doesn’t have an end to it. It can be very overwhelming with all the different ideas and at what point do you stop spending and adding things, you want the perfect wedding and to have pictures like a Pinterest wedding.

In the end I loved my wedding but the pictures still didn’t turn out like the Pinterest weddings even though at the time and in the moment it did feel like it. All in all Pinterest is great but there comes to a point you just need to put it away.


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Today’s post was written by Haley Shandro of Shandro Photo. We think Haley is the bomb – check out her website here, or go say hi on Facebook or Instagram