Leema + David’s Intimate and Emotional Wedding – Edmonton Wedding Inspiration

All it takes is one peek at Leema and David’s emotional first look to see the love that these two share. They tied the knot on a perfect, sunny day at a beautiful outdoor location – Prairie Gardens, near Gibbons. They brought the cute garden-inspired decor to the reception as well, with homemade jam as favours, and bright and cheerful sunflower accents throughout the room.

This couple had help from a number of vendors, who they were eager to give recognition to:

Vendor shoutouts: which vendors made your day awesome?

Reception Venue: Lakeview Inn and Suites in Fort Saskatchewan. They didn’t charge us a lot and gave us so much in return. They made the whole process easy and accommodated where they could and beyond. They gave me recommendations for decorators which I was super happy with.

Decor, Flowers and Planning: Lisa and Carolyn from Sharper Image in Fort Saskatchewan was wonderful to work with and they made the wedding ceremony and reception STRESS-free. I didn’t have to think about flowers or decorations, I just told them what my vision was and they ran with it and did such a good job!

Photography: Our photographer, Sarah Zamburek, was so accommodating and easy to work with.

Now on to the wedding photos! Enjoy!

All images by Sarah Zamburek.

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