Jennifer Bergman Weddings – Edmonton Wedding Rockstar

As a mainstay in the Edmonton wedding industry since the company’s inception in 2008, Jennifer Bergman Weddings is well known for their classy, elegant, and modern aesthetic. Jennifer recently turned heads by appearing on the cover of Avenue magazine, and it is our pleasure to introduce her to you with today’s interview.

Header image by Infused Studios. 

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Image by DQ Studios

What changes have you seen in the way couples approach wedding planning over the past eight years you have been in business?

Our clients often tell us they want to throw “the best dinner party ever” versus a typical wedding. They are focusing more on the overall guest experience and incorporating unique touches instead of making it all about themselves. Also, our average wedding size has gone down 5-10% year over year since 2012, so our couples are planning more intimate weddings – by reducing the size, they can invest more budget into the experience and those special elements to make their event memorable.

Image by Gabe McClintock

Image by Gabe McClintock

What is your personal favourite style of wedding to produce?

The best words to describe our design aesthetic – no matter what style the wedding – are timeless and polished. I personally gravitate towards clean lines, classic neutrals and contemporary styling, and love to layer textures.

Image by Kelly Redinger

Image by Kelly Redinger

What do you love most about Edmonton? What are your favourite places to eat/relax/play?

The connectivity – it’s a decent sized city, but often feels like a small town – everyone is connected and so supportive, there’s this awesome little business community you can feel the energy radiating from – people are hungry to push the envelope and help grow and enrich our city.

  • Eat: I like trying new places but some of my regular faves are The Common and Japonais – or Glow when on the go
  • Relax: Fairmont Hotel Macdonald patio in the summer, and I don’t relax in the winter unless I’m on a beach 😉
  • Play: Running in our beautiful River Valley
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Image by Jessica Balfour Photography

Let’s talk about the current wedding trends – what are you seeing in weddings in 2016 that you are absolutely loving?

We are seeing a return to more glamorous, formal weddings. Lots of white-on-white, or white and black with pops of gold. Couples have moved away from shabby chic and are looking for more timeless celebrations.

The luxe garden vibe is also very on trend. We’re incorporating a lot of greenery into floral arrangements or using greenery as table runners – and brides are loving greens in their bouquets which is a shift from years past. You can use greenery and still achieve a very elegant, formal look – it doesn’t necessarily mean rustic or boho.

And finally, we love mixing table shapes and seating at receptions. Using a combination of rectangles, squares or rounds gives interest to the space and opens up design possibilities, such as different types of chairs, linens and centrepieces per table style.

YEGWED_Kelly Redinger

Image by Kelly Redinger

When a couple comes to you and says they have no ideas, or perhaps that they have too many ideas, how do you draw out their wedding vision? What are some of the questions you ask or clues you look for?

We try to get to know the styles they are drawn to in fashion and home décor, we ask a lot of questions about likes and dislikes – even things like favourite restaurants, hobbies, places they love travelling. These all paint a picture of who they are and allow us to start moving in a design direction that they’ll identify with. It’s an organic process but once we get there we all know.

YEGWED_Jessica Fern Facette

Image by Jessica Fern Facette

If you could give couples one piece of advice, what would that be?

Don’t let the planning process become stressful or a burden – it doesn’t have to be! Get help, whether from professionals or loved ones, and always keep in mind the marriage that comes after the wedding.

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Image by Kelly Redinger

Well, we think Jennifer Bergman Weddings is awesome! How about you? Check out their website here, or say hi on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!