Jessica + Roger’s Rustic Country Wedding – Edmonton Wedding Inspiration

This sweet couple gathered their loved ones to witness their vows at a lovely, secluded acreage location. We are loving the use of stacked logs as a portrait backdrop, as well as their inviting reception entrance, dressed with curtains and a unique chicken-wire guest book. Have a look at all of the pretty details, and read about their planning experience below… enjoy!

All images by Michelle Larmand Photography.

RogerandJessicaWedding004 RogerandJessicaWedding006 RogerandJessicaWedding007 RogerandJessicaWedding008 RogerandJessicaWedding009 RogerandJessicaWedding010 RogerandJessicaWedding011 RogerandJessicaWedding012 RogerandJessicaWedding013 RogerandJessicaWedding020

How did you meet?

We met on a dating website and I (Jessica) was actually the one that had to ask him out. We met for lunch at a local sports bar and Roger was very nervous, but it made me even more attracted to him!

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What was the proposal like?

We had gone to Calgary for Christmas with his family and my family was also down there for the holiday as well. Christmas morning we were heading over to my aunts place. When we got there i got out of the truck and grabbed my purse that was in the back seat. I noticed that there was a gift beside it, that wasn’t there before. I opened it and it was the ring, he was there beside me and asked me to marry him! It was a beautiful winter morning made even better!

RogerandJessicaWedding088 RogerandJessicaWedding098 RogerandJessicaWedding100 RogerandJessicaWedding110 RogerandJessicaWedding111 RogerandJessicaWedding117 RogerandJessicaWedding122 RogerandJessicaWedding123 RogerandJessicaWedding128

Tell us about the planning process! Was there anything you were worried wouldn’t work, but turned out awesome?

We decided to give ourselves a year and a half to plan the wedding, which is something I would recommend if planning yourself! The planning process itself went pretty smooth and I worked with a lot of amazing vendors who made our day amazing.

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What was the best moment of the day?

The best moment of the day was walking down the aisle seeing everyone there supporting us and getting to say I Do.

Got any advice for someone planning an Edmonton wedding?

Our wedding took place in Cold Lake which is just a couple hours from Edmonton. My advice for anyone planning a wedding is to give yourself enough time and do what makes you happy! You will get a lot of advice from people but its all about what makes you as a couple happy!

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Vendor shoutouts – what vendors made your day awesome?
Photography: Michelle Larmand Photography
Wedding Coordinator: I Do Bridal
Catering: C’est La Vie Catering
DJ: Sonic Boom
Makeup: Shay Myers
Hair: Cherise Shortreed
Cake: Cakes by Kayla

RogerandJessicaWedding397 RogerandJessicaWedding398 RogerandJessicaWedding399 RogerandJessicaWedding400 RogerandJessicaWedding402 RogerandJessicaWedding403 RogerandJessicaWedding404 RogerandJessicaWedding405 RogerandJessicaWedding407 RogerandJessicaWedding408 RogerandJessicaWedding411 RogerandJessicaWedding412 RogerandJessicaWedding414 RogerandJessicaWedding417 RogerandJessicaWedding420 RogerandJessicaWedding421 RogerandJessicaWedding422 RogerandJessicaWedding423 RogerandJessicaWedding425 RogerandJessicaWedding426 RogerandJessicaWedding440 RogerandJessicaWedding490 RogerandJessicaWedding502 RogerandJessicaWedding545 RogerandJessicaWedding547 RogerandJessicaWedding559 RogerandJessicaWedding560