Dustin + Sarah’s Street Hockey Engagement Session – Edmonton Wedding Inspiration

Talk about Alberta engagement session perfection – Dustin and Sarah opted for some classic romantic engagement photos… and then donned their Oilers jerseys for a game of street hockey!

Read on for their love story, as told by the bride-to-be, Sarah, and check out all of the sweet photos below.

Dustin and I met at a high school party quite a while ago where we exchanged phone numbers. Dustin always seemed like a happy and trusting guy, but once I found out about our age difference I was hesitant to pursue my interest in him. Well little did I know, we would talk every single day for over three years without ever dating. During that time many events happened such as Dustin living in Australia for six months; but that never interrupted our conversations.

Once Dustin came back from his trip, we started spending more time together. My high school graduation came up, and it was a disaster for me. I ended up realizing that Dustin had became one of my best friends and I asked him to be my date the day before the graduation. He accepted. From that day on, our relationship developed from a deep friendship, to a romantic relationship. We grew closer as we both moved to Edmonton for post secondary. We found ourselves sharing memorable moments together and never wanting to spend time apart.

Over four years later, before our Christmas break, Dustin sent me on a treasure hunt. I remember thinking to myself; wow Dustin really stepped up his game for this date night! That date night ended in a heartfelt proposal. I am so lucky to have him in my life; I could not imagine my life otherwise.

During our engagement session with Michelle & Shane Larmand, they were able to capture our relationship perfectly. There were cute romantic moments, some silly moments and, of course, featured Dustin’s second love; hockey. We loved working with them and cannot wait to work with them on our special day!

All images by Michelle Larmand Photography.

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