Chantelle + Pierre’s Romantic Picnic Engagement Session – Edmonton Wedding Inspiration

Perfect picnic engagement session? Chantelle and Pierre nailed it! Captured by Michelle Larmand Photography, these two enjoyed a glass of wine near a secluded pond in a gorgeous slice of northern Albertan woods. If it isn’t obvious through these images that Chantelle and Pierre are crazy about each other, just read a little bit of their love story, as told by Chantelle below…

“We met at Pierre’s family’s lake lot through his cousin. We talked every so often, saw each other on campus in September and our first date was that night, we went for a walk in the river valley and for supper and it felt like we had known each other forever. We were dating a week later. We had a ton of values in common and we were both looking for a life partner, we knew we were getting married pretty early in our relationship. We get along extremely well, we’re definitely best friends and completely respect each other. We both value family and faith greatly. We are both very active people, Pierre in particular is extremely athletic and amazing at almost all sports. He is the most romantic man I’ve ever met, and his family always tells me they’d never seen him like this before. He is enamoured by me and pretty much does anything and everything to make sure I’m happy. He’s a gentleman, patient and so positive. He spoils me and loves going on dates, dancing together, buying me flowers, spending time with me every day… We both are very social and we both are leaders and have strong personalities, but we each have certain qualities that balance each other out.”
All images by Michelle Larmand Photography

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