Emily + Andrew’s Vintage Aviation-Themed Wedding at Fort Edmonton Park – Edmonton Wedding Inspiration

Lace, classic cars, and perfectly coordinated vintage-style airplane themed accents make Emily and Andrew’s wedding one for the books! Fort Edmonton Park’s Blatchford Hangar is the perfect backdrop for this wedding, and the team from Story Weddings and Events brought it all together in style. Read on for this couple’s epic proposal story, and how this couple brought their unique ideas together to create their dream wedding. Enjoy!

All images by B.D.F.K. Photography


How did you meet?

Andrew and I have known each other since Junior High – we were rivals in the annual school art competition back then, but it wasn’t until a few years later that we became good friends. In our first year of university, Andrew surprised me with my favourite flowers – and I surprised him (and myself) with a kiss in return! That night, in the Dairy Queen parking lot, he asked me if I would be his girl, and we’ve been together ever since.

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What was the proposal like?

Andrew and I had been together for about 8 years in the summer of 2015. We love to travel and have always enjoyed opportunities for adventure and weekend getaways together. So I was delighted when Andrew told me he was making plans for us to go on a camping trip to the mountains. However, when he came to pick me up from work without our camping trailer, I was a bit surprised. And when Andrew “missed” the exit to the mountains and turned towards the airport, I was certain that he had made other plans!

We boarded a small jet plane at the International Edmonton Airport, and from the cockpit, Andrew announced that he was flying us to Victoria – one of our favourite cities to visit! And the surprises didn’t stop there. We stayed at the Fairmont’s Empress hotel, rode bicycles to the wharf, tried stand-up paddle boarding, and ate fish and chips while watching the float planes come into the harbour. It was wonderful!

Andrew and I decided to buy postcards to write about the special memories we made on our weekend trip. So that night, we sat down on the front steps of the legislature and began writing. Before long, Andrew handed me his postcard and showed me what he wrote: “When Andrew popped the question to Emily, she said ______.” He then pulled a ring from his pocket and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes, kissed him, then promptly filled in the blank accordingly! We mailed that postcard to our home address that night, and now we have that wonderful memory in writing forever.

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Tell us about the planning process! was there anything you were worried wouldn’t work, but turned out awesome?

Planning our wedding was no small feat – we had no idea how much preparation (and compromise!) went into planning for our big day.

Andrew and I wanted to plan a unique wedding that was personal to us. We wanted our special day to incorporate our pastimes and passions to make it an exceptional celebration. I’ve always loved the idea of a vintage wedding. I’ve dreamed of lace on my wedding gown, grand entrances in classic cars, and a venue that could capture our old school love and romance. Andrew, on the other hand… not very big into vintage. But as couples in love do, we brainstormed and came up with a plan that would capture both of our interests. Andrew has been a pilot since he was 15 years old, and flying is one of his favourite hobbies. He’s taken me on a number of flights and we’ve shared some incredible sights and stories. We thought that it would be wonderful to incorporate his love of airplanes and our airborne memories into our wedding.

With that in mind, we decided that a vintage-aviation themed wedding would be just the ticket! And our choice venue couldn’t have been more perfect – the Blatchford Hangar in Fort Edmonton Park. But our top choice venue ended up being our first and biggest hurdle… it was already booked for every Saturday in the summer! With some quick thinking and flexibility, however, we were able to schedule our wedding on the Sunday of the August long weekend to secure a summer date. Although a Sunday wedding wasn’t what we had originally planned, it ended up working out in our favour – we had great weather and our out of town guests were able to travel to and from the wedding without having to take any time off work.

Throughout the planning process, Andrew and I were lucky to have so many family members and friends give their time to help us prepare for our wedding. And although the assistance from family and friends was very much appreciated, we decided that we would need some professional guidance to help us pull off our wedding day without a hitch. Andrew and I hired Hevin Meuller and Tricia Pubben from Story Weddings and Events help us coordinate and execute our wedding plans. We had wonderful peace of mind knowing that we would have experienced wedding coordinators to help with the flow and organization on our wedding day, and that our family and friends could relax and enjoy the day as our guests.

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What was the best moment of the day?

The whole wedding day was so amazing, it’s hard to choose the best moment! My husband and I agree that the ceremony was a big highlight of the day; however, one of our favourite moments was our Grand Entrance as husband and wife. The DJ played “Danger Zone” (one of the songs from Andrew’s favourite movie, “Top Gun”) as we were introduced and drove an antique Model A car through the open hangar doors. We had our matching aviator sunglasses on and our guests were cheering and celebrating – it was a moment we won’t soon forget!

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Got any advice for someone planning an edmonton wedding?

Our advice to couples planning an Edmonton wedding would be to start researching and contacting venues and vendors as early on in the planning process as you are able. That way, you’ll be able to reserve your top choices. It’s good to know what you and your fiancé “must have” and what you can bend on; for example, our “must have” was our venue, so we were flexible with the date. Know your priorities and it will be easier to make those tough decisions.

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Vendor shoutouts – what vendors made your day awesome?

We had some fabulous wedding vendors, and I would highly recommend them all!

We’d like to thank Hevin Mueller and Tricia Pubben from Story Weddings and Events for helping us plan, prepare, and coordinate our wedding day. It was wonderful to leave the details and the schedule for the day in professional hands.

A big thank you also to Marcin and Dorota Karpowicz from B.D.F.K. Photography for taking amazing wedding photos. We are so pleased with their work and would hire them again in a heartbeat.

Katherine Speur, our wonderful wedding videographer, filmed some incredible moments and even put together a highlight wedding video for us. The day goes by so fast, it’s awesome to have a video to relive the day and share with others who could not attend.

Terry Leonard, from All West Wedding Rentals was fantastic to work with. He had great ideas and passed any savings and discounts onto us that he could. He made shopping for table linens stress and worry free!

The staff at College Copy Shop on Argyll and 99 Street were so good to us and helped us print all of our wedding invitations, menus, and signage on a budget.

A big thank you to Georgina and her staff at ABC Bridal for helping my bridesmaids and I find our dresses! They were so helpful and worked tirelessly to make sure our attire and accessories were perfect.

If you want the best tasting cake and cupcakes ever, go with The Sweet Side. Roslyn and Torey are super great to work with, and they make a very tasty product!

We’d also like to thank very much the staff at FaBLOOMosity, our florists, who made us beautiful bouquets and boutonnieres; the Fort Edmonton Park staff and caterers for an exceptional and raved about meal; Special Event Rentals for helping us choose chair rentals and centrepieces; DJ Marc from DJ Hotline for playing awesome tunes all night long and keeping the guests on the dance floor; Derks formals for outfitting the boys (they sure cleaned up nice!); Ross Urquhart our classical guitarist for playing our choice songs at our ceremony; Beth Hawley our lovely officiant; Jillian Mertins, who styled 5 heads of hair the morning of the wedding; and Kayla Woloshyn for doing our nails and make-up for the wedding. We are so lucky to have worked with so many wonderful vendors!

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Is there anything else about your wedding that you’d like to share with us?

For our dream wedding, we went everything vintage aviation – our attire, décor, and wedding activities included! My dress was a classic A-Line with a lace overlay and buttons from top to bottom on the back of my dress. My bridesmaids wore navy lace dresses with fascinators in their hair. Andrew wore a carbon grey coloured 3-piece suit and ivory tie. My Man of Honour and Andrew’s groomsmen wore light grey 3-piece suits and navy ties to match the ladies. Our attire had a vintage feel that worked well with the venue and decor. At the outdoor ceremony on the front lawn of the Blatchford Hangar, we had added many personal and meaningful touches, including the minister, church bell, and candelabra from my childhood church; an old Singer sewing machine that my dad resurfaced for our signing table; and a large wooden cross that Andrew and his father had made especially for our wedding. My attendants and I arrived to the ceremony in old-fashioned Model A cars at the beginning of the processional. During the ceremony, the Fort Edmonton Park steam train passed directly behind us and blew its horn! Once we were pronounced husband and wife, we exited to a barrage of paper airplanes thrown by our wedding guests.

The aviation theme continued inside the hangar at our reception as our MC’s addressed house keeping matters in airline attendant style. For our kissing game, guests had to throw Styrofoam airplanes through a hula hoop in order for us to kiss.

Our wedding guests commented on how much they loved our personalized wedding décor. We had airplane graphics (designed by my mom) on our wedding programs, seating chart, guestbook, menus, and candy bar. Even our candy bags were real air-sickness bags with our wedding logo and date on them! In keeping with the vintage aspect of our theme, we had old-fashioned American oil lamps and glass insulators on our guest tables, and we used the wedding topper that my Grandparents used at their wedding in 1947! After dinner, we opened the hangar doors and danced the night away under the moonlight. Everything was so wonderful and it is a day we will never forget!