Jenna + Evan’s Rustic, Woodsy Wedding at The Country Lodge – Edmonton Wedding Inspiration

Jenna and Evan took the rustic wedding theme to a whole new level, adding unique and personal touches to create a gorgeous and woodsy atmosphere. We are absolutely loving the moss-covered logs at the altar during the ceremony, and the smaller touches like feathers in the bouquets and the bird names in lieu of table numbers. Read on for their super sweet proposal story, as well as some sound planning advice from the bride, Jenna. Enjoy!

All images by Kristina Felker Photography.

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What was the proposal like?

Evan and I made plans to go skating downtown one night, but we decided to hit up City Centre Mall first to hang around and get some dinner. We walked around a little bit and he told me he had to go to the bathroom and he would meet up with me after. WELL… he took forever! I was starting to think that he got lost! I heard my phone buzz and I looked at it and there was a text from Evan telling me to meet him in a certain room on the third floor at the City Centre Delta Hotel! “WHAT IS GOING ON???” I thought as I wandered over to that area of the mall. I rode the elevator up to the 3rd floor. I knocked at the door with my heart practically beating through my chest. He opened it and the room was absolutely packed FULL of roses. The jacuzzi was filled with mountains of bubbles and there was a path of rose petals leading to the bed. On the bed was a beautiful music box and inside was my ring!! EEEE! Of course I said yes immediately! Afterwards we went skating at the legislature and had a really amazing time.

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Tell us about the planning process! Was there anything you were worried wouldn’t work, but turned out awesome?

I was worried about basically EVERYTHING. Many of the details of the wedding were DIY. I slaved over things like my invites, some décor and I even made my bouquets. Luckily I had some AMAZING vendors to calm me down and they truly made our dream day come to life! Our friends and family were always there for us along the way and we couldn’t be more thankful to have them!

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what was the best moment of the day?

The best moment of the day was when Kristina (our photographer) had Evan stand with his back to me at the end of a county path. We had not seen each other since we first woke up and he had NO clue what I would look like. Kristina had me walk down the path to him and when I got there Evan turned around. Kristina got both of our reactions to seeing each other for the first time and we are so lucky to have that moment caught on camera!

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Got any advice for someone planning an edmonton wedding?

Book all of the vendors I used! They were seriously all amazing! Other than that, TAKE help that is offered to you and try not to let the stress overwhelm your excitement. When in doubt hire someone to organize your day and help you with planning! Also start planning NOW. That’s right, even if you’re not anywhere near your wedding date. Last minute planning causes a lot of unnecessary headaches.

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Vendor shoutouts – what vendors made your day awesome?

Oh man our vendors were absolutely amazing. Kristina Felker (Kristina Felker Photography) was an absolute GODSEND. She worked her a** off for us and delivered some of the most amazing photos I have EVER seen. She wasn’t afraid to get in the mud for us or to freeze in the -30C December air for us during our engagement photos. She went above and beyond the call of duty to capture our special day and I couldn’t imagine our wedding without her.

Mariah Carreiro from Elegant Earth Event Details and Decor was another one of my vendors that went beyond all expectations. She helped me through all of my décor planning and she made my wedding into a beautiful dream. She took my ideas and created an amazing wonderland. It’s like she read my mind and created the exact atmosphere I always wanted for my wedding. Not only did she provide AMAZING décor and advice, she perfected all of the set up and takedown of all of the items for our big day. Elegant Earth was amazing. Their décor is really unique and their service was top notch. You NEED them on your team.

Another fabulous vendor of mine was Shear Styling Studio! Chantele did my and my maid of honors make up. She made us look beautiful and the makup she used lasted ALLLLL day. No re-application required! Everything she chose to use matched our personalities perfectly and she knew exactly how to apply it to make us glow! Heather did my, my maid of honor and my moms hair. Man does this gal ever know how to ROCK hair. She did my hair in a half up half down look and it lasted ALL day. She incorporated a braid that I was really excited about and she even placed flowers in my hair. These girls went above and beyond to reduce the stress of my big day and they even had us done BEFORE schedule! Amazing!

Some other vendors that were wonderful:

Bill Pisarchuk (our officiant) Who was the sweetest, most wonderful man. Very professional and knew exactly how to run our ceremony exactly how we wanted.

Laura at Triple L Cakes made our BEAUTIFUL cake. It was EXACTLY what we asked for and it truly blew us away.

Jason at DJ Hotline was out DJ and he rocked the party all night long!

Lastly, a huge shout out to The Country Lodge (our venue) Such a cool place! really great vibe and super easy to work with. You for sure need to check it out!

Is there anything else about your wedding that you’d like to share with us?

All of the stress of planning our wedding was worth it. I wish I could go back and live it again and again and again and again. We are so lucky to have had such an amazing day surrounded by so much love.