Claire + Corey’s Big Ukrainian Wedding at St. Joseph’s Basilica – Edmonton Wedding Inspiration

Remember Claire + Corey and their adorable wheaton terrier? No? Well, we featured their LeMarchand Mansion e-session back in June (you can see it here), and today we’re delighted to share the next chapter in their story with you: the wedding!

Their photographers, Monikah ad Zac (of Zokah), say:

‘Zac and I have loved working these two. They are a couple of the sweetest people we know. Their cake was a Ukrainian bread cake made by grandma. They will keep this cake forever. It was still drying out at their house when we went to deliver their photos/video.

Another thing to mention is that they hand made their wedding favor. It was the most delicious raspberry schnapps. Yummy!’

First, check out this sweet highlight film, and then keep on scrolling to see the rest of the images and to read more about their wedding story and all of the vendors that made it a reality for them. Enjoy!

All images and video by Zokah.

Claire and Corey ZOKAH-1 Claire and Corey ZOKAH-3 Claire and Corey ZOKAH-4 Claire and Corey ZOKAH-5 Claire and Corey ZOKAH-6

How did you two meet?

Corey and I met back in grade 10 during gym class. It was the first day of track and field and it was colder than usual outside. The boys were all standing together in one group and the girls in another. I think Corey could see that I was a little chilly, so he walked over to me without even knowing who I was, and offered me his hockey jacket. I thought he was pretty cute so I’m sure I was blushing as he handed the jacket over. It was pretty big on me but it smelled amazing so I wore it the entire class!​

Claire and Corey ZOKAH-10 Claire and Corey ZOKAH-8 Claire and Corey ZOKAH-7 Claire and Corey ZOKAH-9 Claire and Corey ZOKAH-11 Claire and Corey ZOKAH-12 Claire and Corey ZOKAH-13 Claire and Corey ZOKAH-14 Claire and Corey ZOKAH-15 Claire and Corey ZOKAH-16

What was the proposal like?

We were kind of at that point where friends and family were hinting about a wedding for a few months already (Corey says ‘more like a year’). Anytime we went out for dinner or a special event (like a trip to Disney World), someone would always ask if he proposed. Corey didn’t want me to see it coming so he did it in a way that definitely surprised me. About two weeks before he proposed, he brought home a beautiful walnut ring box with my name engraved on it that he made by hand… but there was nothing in it. The day he proposed, we were looking our absolute best in our ragged work clothes demolishing our ensuite. When we finally sat down to rest, we were talking about plans for our home when all of the sudden he said my name. He never says my name, so that definitely caught my attention. He started saying the sweetest things about how happy he was and then he asked me to marry him. He’s such a joker so I had no idea he was serious and he wasn’t holding a ring, so I asked, with what? I didn’t see that he put the box he made two weeks prior on the coffee table so when he pointed to it and asked me to open it, I instantly had tears in my eyes. I opened the box, but I couldn’t see the ring because of the happy tears. When I could finally make out that there was a ring in the box, of course I said yes!


Claire, how did you feel the morning before your wedding?

I had pretty much giggled myself to exhaustion with two of my bridesmaids the night before so I definitely had a good sleep. When I woke up, I couldn’t get the smile off my face. There really aren’t any words to describe how happy I was. If I had to try, I would say it felt like absolute bliss.

Claire and Corey ZOKAH-17 Claire and Corey ZOKAH-18 Claire and Corey ZOKAH-19 Claire and Corey ZOKAH-20 Claire and Corey ZOKAH-21 Claire and Corey ZOKAH-22

Corey, how did you feel the morning before your wedding?

It was the same feeling I wake up to every day… I try to take over the world! No… but really, I felt like there was a unicorn dancing in my bowels.

​What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

​Honestly, I’ve never had so much fun in my life. One of my favourite memories from the day was when Corey and I snuck away to eat some homemade Almond Roca during the midnight lunch. We hid in the back for a bit and just looked out into the crowd of family and friends. It was truly humbling to see so many people smiling, laughing, and dancing. I think at that moment, we truly realized how lucky we were to have such an amazing group of people in our lives.

Claire and Corey ZOKAH-23 Claire and Corey ZOKAH-24 Claire and Corey ZOKAH-25 Claire and Corey ZOKAH-26 Claire and Corey ZOKAH-27 Claire and Corey ZOKAH-28 Claire and Corey ZOKAH-29 Claire and Corey ZOKAH-30 Claire and Corey ZOKAH-31

​Is there any shout outs that you would like to give to any of the vendors that made your day everything you dreamed of?

​All of our vendors from the DJ to the caterers, bartender, hall rental, photographer, videographer, church, and everyone else were simply amazing. They all made the day run smoothly and definitely surpassed any expectations Corey and I had. If we had to do it all over again, we wouldn’t change a thing.​

​Catering: Bob Ronnie Catering

Flowers: Costco (arranged by the couple)

Photography/Videography: Zokah

Dress Alterations: Europa Tailors

Groom’s Suit: Derks​

​Reception Venue: Lorelei Beaumaris Community League

​Ceremony: St. Joseph’s Basilica​​

Claire and Corey ZOKAH-34 Claire and Corey ZOKAH-35 Claire and Corey ZOKAH-36 Claire and Corey ZOKAH-37 Claire and Corey ZOKAH-38 Claire and Corey ZOKAH-39 Claire and Corey ZOKAH-32