Tommy + Lisa’s Country Wedding – at a Grain Elevator! – Edmonton Wedding Inspiration

About a month ago, I was scrolling through the #yegwed tag on Instagram, and I saw an image that jumped right off the screen. It was a gorgeous couple, walking down the aisle after saying their vows, in front of an incredibly striking backdrop: a grain elevator. It was such a beautiful, classy display of a quintessentially Albertan image, I knew I just had to see more from that wedding.

Luckily, the image was posted by Guerrilla Motion Pictures, who were completing a wedding video for the couple, Lisa and Tommy. Better yet, photographer Talia Unger was on hand to capture the day in pictures, and has shared some with us.

I just can’t get over the perfect bold colour of the grain elevator in the background! The whole location made for a perfect ceremony venue and a great backdrop for images.

To enjoy all of the details of Tommy and Lisa’s day, start out by watching the highlight reel from Guerrilla Motion Pictures

And now, here is the story of their wedding day, as told through images captured by Talia Unger Photography. Enjoy!

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