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Today’s post features a lovely lady who’s no stranger to yegwed. Nicole has written some fantastic guest posts for us, including a mega-helpful post about planning your wedding day timeline, and another helpful list of things to consider when choosing your wedding photo locations. Well today the spotlight is on Nicole, the things she loves about working as a wedding photographer and the advice she has for couples. Enjoy!


Tell us a little bit about yourself & what you do in the edmonton wedding world!

I am a local Edmonton Wedding Photographer that surrounds myself with fabulous couples in love. I strive on the beautiful natural light that the world gives us while having a strong focus on couples connections and the details that make their big day come alive.

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Top five best things about your job:

– Choosing my clients. In the six years I have been shooting weddings I have been handed fabulous clients which has created a wonderful cycle of more fabulous clients to come. In this it has allowed me to work with my ideal client over and over again.

– Being part of love. Every wedding. Every engagement session I am reminded of love. I am reminded of the things I want in my own life and marriage.

– Seasonal Work. Being a Mom of a very busy toddler boy, I just want to spend all of my time wrapped up in his arms. Summers are hard as work is intense and time consuming but it allows me to have winters off where my focus can solely be on him and my family. Not a lot of families have this opportunity so I am very grateful I can do this with him while he’s young.

– Getting to work with local vendors and talent. I love that my job has brought wonderful people into my life in this industry.

– That my clients become my friends. I have shot well over 100 weddings and can say that I still talk to almost every single one of those couples today.

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Top five edmonton wedding vendors you love working with: I love Edmonton and all the talent it has to offer but I have to say these are my faves…

– Of course the super talented Fabloomosity. Shooting their gorgeous flower arrangements is just a highlight of my day

– Hands down, The Art of Cake. They make THE best cakes ever.

SEN Studios. Their hands on my clients face is always a pleasure to shoot.

A Modern Proposal puts together stunning weddings.

Blushed Beaute is also top on my artist for MUA/Hair.

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 Your favourite ways to make a wedding unique:

Its all in the details folks. Weddings are personal and unique to every single couple. Make sure to document those. Whether it be the close relationship of a mother and daughter or a personal item attached to the brides bouquet. Pay attention and capture it all.


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