shelby + ryan’s classic red and black wedding at epa blue meadows

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images by Photo Junkies

today’s wedding features a classic red, black and white look with the always-gorgeous backdrop of EPA Blue Meadows and it’s forested surroundings. Kelty and Andrew of Photo Junkies had the pleasure of photographing this wedding – let’s leave the storytelling up to them today:

“Being a part of Shelby and Ryan’s wedding and capturing their day was extra special for me (Kelty) because I grew up with Shelby. Seeing the beautiful women she has become, inside and out, and seeing how much love she has for Ryan; it makes me really happy! There were many times throughout the day that I was holding back tears as I was lining up for a shot.

Shelby and Ryan are both very family orientated and the love they all have for one another is very evident. Right away, Andrew and I felt very much a part of their family and that is such a wonderful feeling to have. Neither family was afraid to show emotion, instead they embraced it. This made the day chock full of laughter, tears, smiles, and lots of hugs!

During the wedding consultation, we ask the couple if they have any special requests. Shelby and Ryan had one special request which we were quite excited about. Ryan loves his Ford F-150 and wanted to incorporate it somehow into one of their bridal photos. What we ended up doing was have Ryan’s brother drive his truck and do a burnout while Ryan dipped Shelby for a kiss. Andrew and I love when couples get creative or ask us to be creative and are willing to go that extra step for an image.”

now… on to the photos and the couple’s story! 

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how did you meet?

Ryan and I met through a friend who actually ended up being one of our MC’s. When I first met Ryan we were both fresh out of a relationship and to be honest I introduced him to one of my friends, man am I happy that didn’t pan out! We hit it off the very first time we met.

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what was the proposal like?

I could not have asked for a better proposal, it was Friday December 13th (who said nothing good happens on Friday the 13th) right before Christmas, Ryan asked me to marry him in our tiny two bedroom apartment. He even called my dad before to make sure it was alright by him. I said yes before he could even get the words “will you marry me” out! Followed by “this isn’t a funny joke Ryan!”

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tell us about the planning process!

Planning, was stressful at times, and so much fun every other time. Having time to hang out with the bridesmaids and our parents was awesome, and it made me so much closer with the family I was joining into.

was there anything you were worried wouldn’t work, but turned out awesome?

The WEATHER! The weeks before the wedding the forecast looked awful for an outdoor wedding. But it turned out to be the best day ever not too hot and not too cold, and the wind magically died down right as the ceremony started.

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what was the best moment of the day?

The best moment of the day was walking in and seeing my best friend, the man I was about to marry, surrounded by everyone I love in life and I remember thinking to myself this is what pure and true happiness feels like, my heart was overwhelmed it was truly the greatest feeling in the world.

I loved my wedding day from start to finish. Some of the most memorable moments were all of the amazing speeches given (lets not forget the wine in the eye!), Ryan receiving his childhood jersey from his grandmother, my father daughter dance with my dad, and the list just goes on and on…

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got any advice for someone planning an edmonton wedding?

Take your time, do your research on ALL the vendors before you hastily book, I had a horrible experience with a vendor, and it is because I didn’t take the time to make myself familiar with the company.

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vendor shoutouts – what vendors made your day awesome? list as many as you think deserve mentioning!

All of my vendors were AMAZING they all deserve a huge shout out!

rentals: All West Wedding Rentals – I changed my order just over a month before the wedding and Terry made it happen no problem!

catering: Elegant Affairs Catering – My guests are still raving about the delicious meal served for dinner.

photography: Photo Junkies – Got me out of a huge bind, and I could not be happier they were there. Our wedding images are wonderful, our bridal party loved working with them, as well as us! We love Kelty and Andrew! They were funny, down to earth, helpful and just truly amazing people inside and out. I would (and have) recommended them to everyone I know. They captured moments I didn’t even know happened. I have the best photos to look back on and I could not be more impressed and thankful for the two of them!

DJ: TK OHH – Taylor did an amazing job setting the mood for our ceremony, helped us pick music when we were stuck and keep the party going all night!

officiant: Howard Saunders – Howard was amazing, easy to work with and so calming, he let me build our own ceremony and was supportive the whole time, even 2 minutes before when he came into the limo to go over last minute details and make sure the bride was keeping it together.

venue: EPA Blue Meadows – EPA Blue Meadows is a members-only facility and is not available for rental to the general public.

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