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i had the pleasure of meeting Cheryl of Aeris Photography last year, when she shot some portraits of me for her blog. it was so easy to be comfortable with this friendly, fun lady – we ended up having a lengthy chat over coffee after the session, and i was SO impressed to see the final photos… Cheryl has a gift for bringing out the natural best in people. in today’s ‘five top five,’ she shares some fantastic advice for couples, and a few recommendations of people and places that you simply have to check out in edmonton. enjoy!

edmonton weddings YEG wedding photography

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tell us a little bit about yourself & what you do in the edmonton wedding world!

I’m Cheryl and my absolute favourite thing is photographing weddings! I picked up a camera in 2006 when I was desperate for some sort of hobby and, slowly but surely, fell in love. I’m a self taught photographer who loves seeking out new ways to learn about this crazy thing I love so much and who plans on learning for the rest of my life. Weddings and couples are my jam.

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top five best things about your job:

– The privilege to be around such a significant moment in a couple’s lives

– That I get to photograph gorgeousness ALL THE TIME

– That I get such an intimate peek into a couple’s relationship and journey together. I get to see their laughter, some inside jokes, their tenderness towards each other, the way they gesture towards each other, etc etc etc.

– There are a lot of sad things in our world that can sometimes be overwhelming. Being able to bear witness to joy and love and laughter every time I pick up my camera is pretty significant

– People. I have incredible clients and have worked with ridiculously amazing vendors in this industry. I’ve got some mad pride for women entrepreneurs now, too

edmonton weddings yeg wedding photography

top five edmonton wedding vendors you love working with:

Something Beautiful Weddings (wedding planning). Jenn is ridiculously talented at bringing her gorgeous visions to life. Seriously. I LOVE working with her!

– LottieDa Designs (bridal jewelry). You will not find bridal jewelry more stunning than this. You just won’t. I’ve seen Jaymie make her pieces right in front of me and it doesn’t even makes sense. They are GORGEOUS, high quality and won’t break the bank. For reals. She currently only sells on Etsy but GO LOOK!

Delica Bridal. The sisters that own Delica are powerhouse business women without a pretentious bone in their bodies and they carry dresses unique to elsewhere in the city. Boom.

– Mourning Wood (cover band). I’ve seen my share of live bands in this industry and honestly am a skeptic of them being any good but I’m telling you, Mourning Wood is SOOO GOOD!!!!

The Paper Wedding by Carmen – I’ve only had the privilege of working with Carmen once but COME ON!!!! She hand-makes THOUSANDS of intricate, stunning paper flowers that come together in the most luxurious looking backdrops, table runners, centrepieces, etc. The lady has skill.

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top five ways to make a wedding unique:

– Don’t do something just because it’s always been done. For my own wedding I chose not to have flower girls or a ring bearer, no guest book, no cake, not even flowers! I had my 3 siblings (2 sisters and my brother) stand up on my side and my husband had his 3 brothers, his cousin and his friend (a girl) stand up for him (the sides had different numbers of people and it DIDN’T MATTER!) My husband and I chose to have our photos done before our ceremony, had our ceremony start after dinner and went right from that into our dance party (we just served Hors D’Oeuvres and desserts throughout). Now I appreciate the gorgeous details that people choose at their weddings but if you don’t care about it for your own day – don’t do it!

– Prepare (stylishly) for the cold. If you’re getting married in the winter there is no need for you to freeze in your strapless dress. Warm your bridal party up in scarves/mittens/cardigans in your wedding colors. Bring along warm boots for under long dresses. Try a fitted chambray shirt and stack on some pearls or knot a plaid flannel shirt in the front and call it a (super cute) day! You can be a warm (and prepared) bride in the winter!

– Schedule time to breathe. Feeling rushed is never fun during a wedding and it shows when you’re feeling tired and hungry. Couple’s that leave themselves “buffer” time end up doing some of the most awesome things that lend to some creative photos. Leave time for Starbucks, a round of shots at your favorite pub or a stop at an ice cream shop.

– Choose a spot for your bridal party photos that means something to you. Please, don’t choose the Legislature grounds because of the stairs or the fountain – choose it because you and your Love have spent hours walking there, having picnics – or maybe that’s where he proposed! Some of my most incredible moments at weddings have been when the couple has me photograph them at a place that is significant to them personally.

– Honour the people that got you there. A handkerchief embroidered with a special message to your mom, a “rose ceremony” tribute to your parents and grandparents during the ceremony, a piece of your dad’s old shirt sewn into the hem of your dress…. Not only are these fun for me to photograph, they also evoke some intense emotion which is such a privilege for others to be a part of.

edmonton weddings yeg wedding inspiration

top five best things about living in edmonton:

– People! Yes, the majority of my family and friends live here but I also can’t believe the skill and business minds of women entrepreneurs. There are a LOT of small businesses in Edmonton with honest, hard-working owners who supply quality products. This makes me pretty happy.

-The river valley. Just last week I was introduced to another place in the valley that I’d never seen before. There are a lot of gems along our river and I love being surprised by new places!

-Spring, Summer and Fall. Yes, I’m not a huge fan of winter but there is nothing like being able to have epic thunderstorms, crazy Northern Lights, vivid changing colors of trees and a good old Alberta sky.

-Festivals. I’m a big fan of going out to festivals just because it’s something outside of my ordinary day to day life. Give me a frappe and a stroll down the Art Walk on Whyte and I’m a happy lady.

-It keeps getting better! With the shut down of the City Centre Airport and the introduction of a mayor who seems to care about a city’s pride I feel like things just keep improving! Areas of the city are being revitalized, new art pops up every few months – it’s just fun to see!

edmonton weddings yeg wedding inspiration

well, we think Cheryl’s awesome! how about you? give her some love on facebook or check out her website here.

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