emily + sheldon’s cherry blossom engagement session – edmonton wedding inspiration

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images by Gin Quist Photography

at first glance, it seems clear that what makes these photos breathtakingly beautiful is the host of cherry blossoms in full bloom, or maybe even the glowing edmonton evening sun. take a second look… have you ever seen a couple with such huge smiles!? we absolutely love Sheldon and Emily’s engagement session, and these fab photos by Gin Quist Photography… read on for some of their love story. enjoy!

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how we met… 

Sheldon and I first met on the LRT during undergrad, though he doesn’t remember that one, so the second time was at a church group that I was hosting shortly after. We don’t remember too much about that day, but that year we became good friends through our affinity with computer games; playing late at night or early mornings. We talked a lot on MSN, hung out, studied together and he became my best friend. After 4 years he finally had the courage to ask me out and we dated for another 4 years. Though to his defence, I did not make it easy ;).

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the proposal

We were celebrating our 4 year anniversary on January 31st, 2015. Sheldon had planned a full day that included going to the farmers market and the University of Alberta’s Alumni winter festival, before heading for dinner at the place we went on our first date. I was hoping he would propose but when he acted totally normal and was not nervous at all throughout the day, I sadly dismissed the thought.

Close to the end of dinner, my brother called to ask if we would be able to drop by his place to pick up some stuff at the side of his house since he was on his way to a meeting. Sheldon had told me the next activity was skating, which was supposedly near my brother’s house, so I said, ‘why not’. When we got to his house, I wanted to go inside first while Sheldon was trying to get me to ‘check out the stuff’ at the side of the house first. He finally convinced me and as I approached the side, I could see lights through the gate. Tea lights made a path through pictures of us hanging on strings, towards a tent-like structure his friends had helped build. It was so magical with white lights hanging all around us and a fire pit to keep us warm. After going through a scrapbook and warm fuzzy words, he asked me to marry him and the rest is history!

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