5 Minute Face illustration booth – unique edmonton wedding ideas


want to impress your wedding guests with a mega-unique entertainment option? valerydesignwrks has created an illustration booth for edmonton couples at their weddings, where guests can sit for 5 minutes and walk away with a creative and unique memento. and it’s fun for couples too – we can’t think of a more unique keepsake for newlyweds than an illustration of them on their wedding day. it’s our pleasure to share a little more about this sweet edmonton business with you, including their one-of-a-kind offering for weddings… enjoy!

a little bit about the creator of 5 Minute Face… 

Valéry Goulet is the owner of valérydesignwrks, a small multidisciplinary design studio in Edmonton, Alberta.

At the beginning of 2015, Valéry decided to leave the agency life she had known for the previous 14 years, and she opened the doors to her new office. She learned many things from the places she had put in her time; most of all, she realized her passion for branding, illustration and crafted design. She’s had the opportunity to partner with some pretty awesome clients, and she’s shared in their successes and helped grow their businesses.

Last winter, Valéry decided to put together an illustrative booth for the Art, Craft and Fair: The Royal Bison. It was such a positive experience that she decided to broaden the type of events where the 5 Minute Face booth would make an appearance. Since then, she has illustrated ‘5 Minute Faces’ at multiple public events, private corporate functions, as well as rehearsal dinners and weddings.

valery collage

what inspired you to create the 5 Minute Face booth?

First of all I love to draw. I think that drawings allow people’s imagination to see and enjoy things differently. I love the fact that I can stylize my drawings and get people to have positive reactions when they look at them.

Over the past few years, I had been selling my illustrative products at The Royal Bison. It is a great event and it is nice to be surrounded by a lot of talented people who sell their products and share their art. The downside of those events is that there is a lot of time where all you do is wait for people to approach you in a way. As much as I enjoy selling my illustrative items, waiting behind my table for people to purchase or discover my products felt like a bit of a waste of time sometimes. I then thought about things I could do that would make me feel creative and this is how the 5 Minute Face booth was born! Faces are so intriguing and unique; drawing them is so much fun! My booth is set up in a way where one person sits in front, looking through a 8” x 10” window. They can see me but can’t see my drawing. Once their portrait is completed, I slide the print through a little insert located below the window. It is so much fun to see them enjoy the surprise. At this time, I’ve probably drawn around 500 faces and all of my clients were positively surprised.

when is the best time during the wedding to have the 5 Minute Face booth in action?

Anytime before or after dinner is great. In some cases, I’ve been invited to start during the cocktail, have a great dinner with the guests and continue on after.


what are your top 3 fave things to do in edmonton?

Aside from illustrating and designing, I absolutely love sweet stuff and love going to Duchess Bake Shop! They have such a tasty hot chocolate and their chocolate croissants are always fresh. I am always setting as many client meetings up there as possible since it wouldn’t be reasonable to go there everyday.

Edmonton is such a great city for outdoor activities that I can’t have a day without walking, running, cycling or cross-country skiing in the river valley. My dogs are also great fans and I love to have them accompanying me on adventures.

Shopping is also definitely in my top 3 favourite activities. I don’t know why, since I don’t buy that many things, but since we have a Simons store at the WEM, I guess it makes me feel closer to my hometown, Québec City.

what other types of design and commission work do you offer for weddings?

As an experienced designer, I have created many visuals for a wide range of events and applications. I also have great connections with local printers and others. I am always thrilled to help my clients with any graphic design related projects they might think of.

This could include:
– Bridal shower invitation cards and Wedding invitation package (digital (email based) or printed)
– Menu, seating chart and name cards
– Program or wedding day itinerary
– Signs such as welcome sign, bar sign
– Guest Book
– Photo Book

Finally, I am also willing to adapt my booth to match the event theme, if there is one. In such cases, extra fees would have to be charged. Since all projects and budget are unique, I provide each customer with a personalized estimate.


what an awesome and unique entertainment idea for your wedding! to contact Valéry about having the 5 Minute Face booth at your wedding, visit her website here, or say hi on twitter