3 more awesome reasons to choose an open-platform wedding registry

a couple weeks ago, we introduced you to MyRegistry.com, an open-platform wedding registry that we think is pretty rad. what exactly is an open-platform registry? well, it means that you can generally add items from more than one retailer – and in the case of MyRegistry.com, you can add items from any site on the internet. we think these types of registries are a great way to ask for gifts that are useful and meaningful to you, without being limited to housewares. today we’re sharing three more ways that MyRegistry.com allows you to have an awesome, personalized wedding registry.

shop local

wish you could add some of Knifewear‘s incredible handcrafted Japanese knives to your registry? how about a treat from one of your favourite sellers at the City Market Downtown? with MyRegistry, you can totally do that. you’re not limited to big box stores, meaning you could register for only local goods if you wanted to! how awesome is that? all you need to do is visit their website (or their Made Urban or Etsy page), to add any item you like.

any cash gift you want

whether you’re asking for contributions towards a kick-ass honeymoon, or the perfect Crate & Barrel couch for your new home, MyRegistry.com allows you to do so easily. unlike other travel registries that are tied to a particular travel agency, this one simply connects to your Paypal account for you to use as you please. this is a sweet option for those of us who already have smaller appliances, but need to upgrade from that tiny apartment-sized furniture we’ve been using since we first moved out.

pitch-in for wedding items

while there are mixed feelings about asking your friends and family pitch in for your wedding, there are still ways to include wedding items on your registry without making your guests feel like they’re paying for your party. one of my favourite ideas is to let guests know that you have booked (and fully paid for) an amazing wedding photographer, and you know that she’ll take mind-blowing pics of your big day. in light of this, you can register for add-ons to your existing photography package like a luxury wedding album or a canvas print from your photographer.

ready to get registered for the wedding gifts you really want? create a wedding registry at MyRegistry.com.

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