shaun + casey’s engagement photo session – fireworks on the farm

engagement header edmonton farm engagement photo

images by Carmen Freemark Photography

today’s e-session includes horses, fireworks, a stellar sunset and a couple that’s clearly in love – what more could we ask for!? there are three parts to this fab engagement photography session, along with a super sweet love story told by groom-to-be, Shaun. enjoy!

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our love story – the highlights…

Casey and I met during the Canadian Finals Rodeo, thanks to a friend sitting between us. We talked a lot and danced quite a bit the first night we met, and exchanged numbers before we parted company. I remember being amazed that this girl was living in Edmonton and didn’t have a boyfriend. I was amazed she lived in Edmonton because of her love for horses and country living. I was amazed she didn’t have a boyfriend for how sweet she was and how attractive.

Casey was moving out of the city literally the day after we met, but would be returning in two months time to continue her education degree. We kept in touch casually during that time. Near Christmas while I was in Hawaii for a wedding I was sure to get the best picture of the sunset for her so I could send it to her on Facebook, even though we weren’t Facebook friends. I think I just wanted to give her some sort of gift even if it was small.

We went on our first date 2 months after meeting, we were both very nervous. While walking to the restaurant Casey got her hair caught in a tree, but got away without me noticing somehow. I remember sitting down with her at the restaurant and knowing that this was the most beautiful woman I had ever taken on a date, and that didn’t help my nerves. I suggested we go for ice cream after the date which turned out to be a good move because she loves ice cream, even on a winter day.

When we first were getting to know each other we would spend hours just talking. It seemed like for every story one of us would tell the other could reciprocate with a similar thought or life experience as we had a fair amount in common.

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the proposal… 

The proposal was quite simple but I felt like it fit “us”. It was very important to me to propose to her at her parents place. I felt she and they would appreciate it and she’s very grounded to home, and they were giving up their girl. The proposal day was the most nerve wracking, stressful day of my life. We’re only out at her parents so often, I couldn’t propose any sooner because I didn’t have a ring arranged, and any later would have pushed our wedding back into the next year for planning. The day of the proposal her family was hosting thanksgiving, which made it tough because I didn’t want “everyone” to know before we told my family in person the following day. I had to wait for enough people to clear out for it to seem normal enough to go for a walk to see the horses. As the sun was setting and it seemed like it was getting dark very quickly I was trying to rush Casey out the door before we ran out of daylight. There was so much hype and anticipation I didn’t even know what to say when I got down on one knee and showed her the ring. Eventually I got something out and was relieved when she said yes.

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the photos… 

We chose Carmen to do our photos because we felt like we were friends the first time we met her. We have a fair amount in common, and with her being a horse and country person we knew she would “get” what we were after and we trusted her. Being able to use her horses and shoot at a farm yard she arranged was such a blessing, we felt very fortunate to have that. Casey is passionate about and loves horses, and we both very much value our country roots. The fireworks photos were Carmen’s idea. It didn’t take long after she suggested it that I had some ideas I was very excited about and thought we could work with. The thought of having something unique, original and personal to us was perfect.

there’s always someone who sticks their tongue out to ruin a perfect photo…. 😉



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