10 fun summer wedding reception food ideas

lemonade stand

as the days get longer and the sun gets hotter, we start thinking about all of the sweet summer weddings coming up in the next few months. there’s nothing quite like a summer evening in edmonton, so why not make the most of it with a creative menu fit for a wedding reception on a summer day. here are ten mouthwatering ideas for your summer wedding menu – enjoy!

iced tea bar – picture this: a station with a few different types of iced tea, a pile of lemons to add, mason jars, and colour-coordinated straws and napkins. your wedding guests will love making their tea their own – and being refreshed on a hot day!

lemonade bar – just like an iced tea bar, a lemonade bar can be a fun way to keep your guests hydrated at your summer wedding. take it to the next level by having a bartender on hand at the lemonade bar, offering to make their drink into a lemonade cocktail.

gourmet ice – there are endless options for creating glamorous gourmet ice cubes by adding berries, fresh herbs, or even flowers. a pitcher of water on each table, filled with bright berry-filled ice cubes, can make a simple but beautiful addition to the centrepiece. of course, what you add to the ice cubes can be a matching or complimentary colour to the rest of the wedding decor.

cold appetizers – hors d’oeurves don’t always have to be served hot – a cold appetizer may be a welcome change on a hot day. for a classic cold appetizer, serve shrimp cocktail on a bed of ice. a more creative option might be caprese skewers, which include a combination of the ingredients in your typical caprese salad: tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and basil.

watermelon – it’s hard to think of a fruit that fits a summer menu better than watermelon! whether it’s used in a salad or simply sliced and left for wedding guests to enjoy, it’s guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser. pro tip: serve watermelon on skewers to keep your guests’ fingers from getting sticky.


bbq-inspired – bring a bit of bbq into your summer wedding reception by serving food that’s been grilled to perfection. or, for a bite-sized treat, why not serve a variety of sliders as an appetizer or part of the buffet. nothing beats a barbecue on a summer night – if you’re having an outdoor wedding, there’s nothing stopping you from having a bbq on-site at your wedding!

carnival style – get your wedding guests reminiscing about memorable nights on the midway with a carnival-inspired menu. mini hot dogs, candy floss, popcorn, candy apples and other typical midway snacks are a fun spin on wedding food, and are bound to become a conversation piece.

sundae buffet – rather than having a typical spread of cakes and squares, let your wedding guests choose their own toppings with an ice cream sundae buffet. include every kind of fixing, from rainbow sprinkles to chocolate sauce – your guests will love the chance to make their dessert their own.

wedding popsicles

popsicles – with so many colours, flavours and sizes, an assortment of popsicles will be a welcome late-night snack at your wedding that you will be able to match to your wedding’s colours and menu.

smore’s bar – last, but certainly not least, how about having a s’mores bar at your wedding reception? they’re a universal campfire favourite, and they’re easier than you think to include at your wedding reception. just a few ingredients, some skewers and a safe heat source, and your guests will be in a chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker heaven!

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