five ways to personalize your wedding and wow your wedding guests

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images and text by Equinox Sound and Entertainment

Entertain with personalization

Tell your guests what you’re all about! Distant family members, +1’s and even some close family and friends might not know all that there is to know about you as a couple. Use your centrepieces to represent your hobbies, choose dinner and cocktail music to let guests know of the bands you like and think outside of the box when creating your itinerary, menu, photo backdrops, wedding favours, speeches and more. Combine all of the personalized items into a fun game about the two of you and make guests answer trivia questions if they want you to kiss.

Don’t scrimp on areas that affect your guests

When you take a look at your overall budget for your wedding try to think of the big picture. For example, small cameras on your tables so guests can take photos – you and your spouse will cherish those photos but a cell phone can now serve the same purpose. Simply provide your guests with an instagram hashtag, save yourself money by not purchasing a bunch of disposable table cameras and spend that extra saved money  on a good dinner and cheaper beverages. To make guests happy without having to sacrifice your dream wedding, prioritize which areas of your wedding will affect guests the most. Spending a large chunk of your budget on wedding favours and decor isn’t always worth it as more often than not, guests will forget those details quite soon after.

edmonton wedding decor ideas

Not all ceremonies have to be classical

If you want classical that’s great, but there are moments in every ceremony where you can use your discretion to tell a bit more about yourselves and maybe limit some of the stuffiness that can come from an overly formal tradition. You want it to be beautiful, of course, but also fun and memorable. Read a funny love letter or play “your song” while you sign the register. Going off the beaten path can catch your guests off guard which can mean more liveliness, participation and enthusiasm; all great contributors of creating a happy and fun wedding.

Give your guests activities to do

Cocktail hour is the perfect time to have your guests get to know each other. Let them take pictures with their family, date or new acquaintances by supplying a photo booth or a video corner. Furthermore, let them sign your guest book alongside the photo they took. Give them options such as hiring a caricaturist, create-your-own snack or dessert stand, and of course, you can attach a tagline to your wedding and have guests post photos with a hashtag on social media. Eliminate any downtime while your guests wait for you to arrive or after they eat and they will remember your wedding as much more than what they had anticipated.

Show your quirkiness

Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. If you’re funny, let people know it; if you’re quirky, show them how quirky; if you can or can’t dance, it can certainly entertain them. This might not be the best advice if you plan on having an extremely classical or elegant wedding but you might be able to find a way to get a bit of both. It can inspire guests to be themselves and let loose. It opens up a whole new avenue for things you and your guests can do at your wedding. Hopefully when you are looking back, you’ll fondly remember how much fun your guests had.

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