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storm troopers are notoriously good gift-givers. source.

shoutout to the aunties and uncles who really, really want you to have a registry so they can get you exactly what you want. while so many couples hesitate to register for many reasons – already having a well-stocked home, preferring a more minimal lifestyle or moving after the wedding, to name a few – there are some wedding guests who simply insist on getting you a gift, and look to your registry for ideas. there are all sorts of registry options available, but for those of us who don’t want to register for household items, filling an entire registry with alternative items can be equally unappealing (i’m looking at you Toys ‘R’ Us registry).

enter this online registry is the best of both all worlds. not only can you register for items from a number of different retailers to the same registry, you can sync your existing registries from brick-and-mortar stores, which allows you to keep an old-fashioned in-store registry for those guests who may just find the online registry thing a little hard to navigate. if that’s not enough for you – hello – you can add items from literally any page on the entire internet.

here are some of our favourite ideas for making the most of a wedding registry:

– honeymoon cash

for those who seek to collect experiences rather than things, having guests contribute to a killer honeymoon is a dream come true. while other services offer a registry connected to a particular travel agent, the honeymoon fund contributions go straight into your Paypal account, which means you can use the cash for everything from your airfares to the piña coladas you’ll be sipping on the beach.

– services & memberships

want to get in shape together after the wedding? register for that. need some help from Home Handyman Magazine to turn your living space into your dream home? register for a subscription. want to spend the first your of marriage golfing every weekend at your favourite club? register for a membership. you can add any membership or subscription to your registry simply by visiting the website and clicking a button.

– …NOT housewares

your house may have all of the small appliances you need, but one can never have enough Anthropologie candles, amirite? add them directly to your registry from the website. or, if handmade goodies are more your jam, search for the perfect wall prints, throw pillows or a sweet handmade wooden iPod speaker from Etsy or MadeUrban.

ready to get registered for the wedding gifts you really want? create a wedding registry at

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