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images by Call It Love Photography

are you ready to get a smile on your face? if looking at these absolutely joy-struck newleyweds doesn’t brighten your tuesday morning, well, i don’t know what will. between the mega-stylish tattooed bride, the dapper gentlemen in blue suits, and the tribe of SIX sequins-clad flower girls… this wedding is a stunner! not to mention the fact that both the ceremony and reception was held at Blue Meadows, one of edmonton’s most understated wedding venues. read on for info from Tiffany, the photographer behind these fab images, some of Kayla and Chris’ love story, and the challenges (and successes!) of planning their edmonton wedding in just six months. enjoy!


from Tiffany Panas, of Call It Love Photography:

“Kayla and Chris are the sweetest couple, and their wedding was such a relaxing day of celebration with their closest friends and family. With such a beautiful and energetic group of friends who compiled as their wedding party, it was so clear how much these two are loved by those around them. Kayla owns and operates a hair salon out of her home, and all the girls’ hair looked amazing, including her own! All the little details: the beautiful hand bracelet that the bride and all her ladies wore, the heart pendant necklace that Kayla wore in memory of her Grandmother (who passed away a few months prior to the wedding day), Chris’ hand tattoo of “K La”, all the men in their Ray-bans and variety of blue plaid attire, the ladies in their blush variety of gowns, the amazing wedding cake (made by Kayla), and ending the night with their first dance where they sang in unison… simply cute and incredibly down-to-earth! Also, I cannot forget the six little flower girls and how they stole everyone’s hearts!!

I love how the couple agreed to have a first look prior to their ceremony. I’m such a fan of allowing the couple to cherish a moment alone before they declare their vows. It’s such a personal, intimate moment to have together before having to stand in front of all your friends and family. Even if only for five mere minutes, it’s your time together, and it’s so wonderful to capture those raw emotions — joy, laughter, tears — it’s real. No crowd. Just you. Together.

My other favourite moment of the day was when I stole the couple away for a few minutes after dinner. Being a May wedding in Alberta, we know it’s totally common for mother nature to throw a few curve balls, and she definitely did! When we got outside, it started snowing the prettiest and largest snowflakes! It was the perfect end to such a perfect day!”


how did you meet?

Chris just happens to be one of my brothers best friends. I met him a number of times throughout the years at parties and seeing him at random places with my brother. It was the first time in about 3-4 years that I saw him when he came into my salon for a haircut. The second he left I looked at my girlfriend Joline and said, “I’m in love!” …obviously because of how handsome he is! Haha! He called me back about two weeks later, saying that he thought he needed his hair a little shorter. After freaking out a bit, I figured out that he just wanted to see me again.


tell us about the proposal! 

The proposal was very sweet and romantic. Well… it was set up to be! Rose petals in our unfinished kitchen of our new house that we were currently building together, leading to a bottle of Dom Perignon, a dozen roses, candles, and picture of us in a cute little frame, then this silver heart shaped box engraved, ‘Kayla will you marry me?’ Cute right?

Well at the beginning of the day he proposed, he was full of fibs and nervousness on his part. Something was off but I couldn’t figure out what. I didn’t know that he and my girlfriend Joline were planning all of this throughout the day. Around supper time he asked if we could stop off at the new house to tape a few things he wanted to change or check. I kept on insisting we just do it later. He said it would just take a minute and drove there anyway. As we were walking up to the door I could feel his anxiousness. Chris does not have a stone-cold lying face. Picking up that something was going on, he said to me, “I have something to show you…” I said, “Have you brought me here to kill me or something?,” thinking that I’m hilarious. (Not a good thing to say before being proposed to!) Too many criminal shows I watch! ha! I got all weird and refused to step inside the front door. So, practically pulling me inside, he goes into the kitchen to grab the ring. He comes back to the front door, gets down on one knee and then I don’t remember one word of what he said. I just remember tearing up, hugging him, laughing and saying that of course I will. I wanted to do nothing else then head straight to the Cross Cancer Institute where my baba was and show her my beautiful engagement ring. I remember seeing her face with a huge smile on it and as I hugged her she told me she already knew! Chris had asked for her permission the previous week. My heart just melted. After our wonderful visit, instead of a fancy supper, we picked up McDonalds and drank it with our $200 bottle of champagne. We wouldn’t have had it any other way.


how we did it… 

Six months to plan a wedding! No big deal right? Ha – wrong! Everything from being scammed on kijiji for wedding linens, to having the bridesmaids dresses ordered on Etsy not showing up three weeks before the wedding. A month prior, the florist informed me that she couldn’t get the flowers I had wanted (so ended up cancelling), and my wedding dress sized too small at final fitting. We ended up changing the colours I had in mind for my bridesmaid dresses so that we could go into Bryan’s and grab seven dresses that all the girls liked. It didn’t matter on the style at that point, and we needed to walk out of there with the dresses that day. We did the impossible, three stores and six dresses later (I actually had one dress already in my closet that would work perfect for what the girls were picking! Call it fate!), and checked the dresses off the list.

For flowers we ended up ordering from Bernard’s wholesale and two nights before the wedding we all got together to make our own bouquets! We made centrepieces and flower wristlets, even boutonnieres, with amazing help from a girlfriend who had previously owned a flower shop with her mom. Life saver! Wedding linens were ordered from Special Event Rentals, who were also lifesavers on couple month’s notice! I ended up making my wedding cake myself – from watching  Youtube videos and ton of practice! I was doing everything myself – why not make the cake too, right?

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what was the best moment of the day?

Best moment of the day was by far the first look pictures. The nervousness and excitement was unbelievable! Sharing that moment with just us was perfect!

what advice would you give someone planning an edmonton wedding?

Not that you should plan for everything to go wrong, but always have a plan B! Or just do it yourself! 😉


vendor shoutouts! 

photographer: Call It Love Photography

catering: Sandyview Farms – It was amazing start to finish!

venue: EPA Blue Meadows – EPA Blue Meadows is a members-only facility and is not available for rental to the general public.

flowers: Bernards Wholesale Florist, arranged by Taryn Coyes

DJ: Elegance Entertainment Ltd

bride’s dress: Ethos Bridal

groom’s attire: J Crew, SIMONS

hair: Haley Almeida

makeup: Lindsey Waddell

linens: Special Event Rentals


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