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Jenna, the bride featured in today’s real wedding, referred to their celebration as ‘a little bit rock ‘n roll, but still fun for the whole family’… and we think that they absolutely nailed it! we are looooving the sequinned gatsby-esque wedding gown, the minimal-but-beautiful ceremony decor, and the use of public transit for the bridal party… here’s Jenna and Parker’s story:

“My husband Parker and I were married in September, 2014. We had a very DIY/family-oriented wedding, as we have many creative friends and family members so everyone was happy to pitch in! We couldn’t have done it without them.

“Our ceremony was at the Ortona Armoury, where Parker works. It is a lovely historic building, and we held the ceremony in the courtyard on a beautiful fall day. 

“Between the ceremony and the reception, we had our photos taken at the historic building and in the river valley by Carling Stiksma Photography, she did a wonderful job. We then took the ETS bus to our reception at Pleasantview Hall! It was a riot taking the bus in our fancy clothes, and the driver even slowed down on the High Level Bridge, asking if we wanted a moment to take a few photos!

“The whole event was truly a community affair, which gave it a really relaxed, fun vibe. The reception was a blast, my husband and his friend’s all-vinyl DJ business Vintage Sound provided the oldies, and our friend Neacail Campbell ran the wedding photobooth, provided by his brother’s company Alex Campbell Photography.

“Our families and friends pitched in to make dinner – we had many different salads, friends flipping burgers at the BBQ, and lots of vegan and vegetarian options, which made our friends very happy. A family friend created our bouquets, and my mum adapted our wedding invites (designed by Parker) for the specialized wine bottle labels!

“We still have friends telling us that this was the funnest wedding they’d ever been to. It was a little bit rock ‘n roll, but still fun for the whole family.”

read on for a q+a with the couple, as well as all of the photos from their fab wedding!

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how did you meet?

We met through mutual friends about six years ago – one of my (Jenna’s) friends from high school brought Parker to a party at my place, and we’ve been together ever since.

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what was the proposal like?

Parker knew that handmade and ethical jewellery was important to me, so he bought me a ring from a jeweller in New York called Claire Kinder. We were about to go on a trip through Cuba and he was hoping to propose there. When the ring came in the mail though, the ring box was empty! Someone had stolen it, and he was frantic… he contacted Claire and she was really good about replacing it, he just had to pay for express shipping. But he was very worried that it wouldn’t arrive in time! It ended up coming the day before we left, so he was stressed until the last minute. He didn’t know where he would propose when he was there, but when we were in the beautiful town of Cienfuegos, having a drink in the tower of Palacio de Valle and looking out at the ocean, he decided to ask. Right away he couldn’t wait to tell me about the stolen ring incident, and he said “remember that day when I was all stressed after work” and I was like “uh, no” hahaha! So he hid it well!

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tell us about the planning process!

We were only engaged for about six months, and I feel like we spent more time talking about how much we had to do, than actually doing things. It felt overwhelming, so we didn’t even want to start. There was a point at which my Aunty Janice invited us over and basically said “Ok, you need to plan this, what’s on the menu, what do you need for XYZ,” and really got us going. It was such a huge help.

We had a very DIY/family-oriented wedding, as we have many creative friends and family members so everyone was happy to pitch in! We couldn’t have done it without them.

was there anything you were worried wouldn’t work, but turned out awesome?

We were just really hoping that people would have fun, and enjoy themselves… and they did!

JennaandParker-352 JennaandParker-314 JennaandParker-327 JennaandParker-341 JennaandParker-331 JennaandParker-339 edmonton alternative wedding

what was the best moment of the day?

Our friend (and Breakfast TV host) Bridget Ryan was our officiant (with help from Ken LeLacheur), and she really pushed us to personalize our vows. We struggled with it, because we wanted the ceremony to be short and we’re kind of awkward – not into PDA at all – but any famous quotes or personal vows that we could think of just made us feel so dorky and like we were taking ourselves too seriously! So Parker ended up using a line from Coneheads, the movie. We’d gone as the Coneheads for Halloween before, so it seemed like a perfect fit, and it made the audience crack up, that’s for sure!

“If, for some reason your life functions ceased, my most precious one, I would collapse, I would draw the shades and I would live in the dark. I would never get out of my slar pad or clean myself. My fluids would coagulate, my cone would shrivel, and I would die, miserable and lonely. The stench would be great.”

We pretty much giggled throughout the whole ceremony.

JennaandParker-415 JennaandParker-417 JennaandParker-419 JennaandParker-424 JennaandParker-442 JennaandParker-433 edmonton alternative wedding

got any advice for someone planning an edmonton wedding?

Don’t start your marriage off with a year (or more) of stress about one day! Just have fun and remember what’s most important – celebrating with your loved ones.

vendor shoutouts – what vendors made your day awesome? list as many as you think deserve mentioning!

photography: Carling Stiksma Photography

DJ: Vintage Sound

photobooth: Alex Campbell Photography

JennaandParker-445 edmonton personalized wedding wine bottles

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