the pros and cons of DIYing your wedding details

edmonton DIY wedding

DIY wedding favours in Nikki + Thomas’ handmade wedding; image by FO Photography

in the past decade “DIY” has become a buzz word in many fields, and weddings are no different. at first, couples turned to DIY as a way to save money and opt-out of many wedding expenses. soon, many people realized that doing things themselves was very time-consuming, and the appeal of this route lessened. there are definitely pros and cons to the DIY wedding approach, and we’ve got some points for each in this post.


– it could save you money. there’s a good chance that making your own backdrop for your head table is going to be a lot cheaper than renting one. and when you’ve got friends and family helping make homemade favours, it’s definitely going to save you the cost of buying things pre-made.

– DIY adds a personal touch. one of the best things about going to a wedding is seeing a little personal touch that makes it unique and memorable. DIY is a perfect way to let a little bit of your personality shine through at your wedding.

– making things brings family members and friends together. Having a marathon day where all of your bridal party and family members get together to tie ribbons on each and every invitation is definitely going to be a memorable day and, for some people, is a big part of the fun of planning a wedding.

DIY edmonton wedding

DIY bouquets and flower crowns at Alexis + Tyler’s wedding.


– DIY is time consuming. carefully crafting each little detail is obviously going to take a lot more time than walking into a store and picking something out. if you’re very busy and pressed for time when wedding planning, sometimes picking something that’s pre-made is a lot less of a hassle.

– it’s another thing on the wedding to-do list. if you’re wedding to-do list is starting to get out-of-control, crafting something from scratch can seem pretty overwhelming and just add to the stress!

– wait, it might not save money after all… although there’s a good chance the DIY will save you money, as we said above, sometimes acquiring all of the supplies and tools needed can be a lot more expensive than you think.

what do you think? are planning to DIY your wedding? why or why not? tell us in the comments!