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images by Jill Coursen Photography

has spring finally sprung in edmonton? it might be a little too soon to tell, but one thing’s for sure: a slew of gorgeous wedding and engagement photos among the cherry blossoms in the river valley are right around the corner. this lovely engagement session was shot last spring by Jill Coursen. read on for the proposal story, as told by the bride, Brittany… it’s adorable!


“Clayton and I met when we were in high school 13 years ago. We ran into each other a couple years after I graduated and we started dating the summer of 2007. For some reason, through all these years, we were always drawn to each other.

Our proposal story didn’t scream ‘romance’ but it was so perfect for us. It wouldn’t have felt normal any other way.

He had taken me ring shopping 3 times over a year. The night he bought the ring it was obviously burning a hole in his pocket. He spilled that he had picked it up earlier that day. We were getting ready for bed and he said to me “let’s just do it, I’ll ask your dad tomorrow”. I wasn’t sure if he was serious so I asked “is this you purposing?” It was adorable how antsy he was, but he decided, literally 2 seconds after asking that, to wait until he talked with my dad.

The next day he went over to my dad’s. When he told my dad he wanted to talk to him, dad just walked over to him, hugged him and said “you have my permission”. Clayton didn’t even have to ask the question.

Later that night we were about to go to sleep and he crawled into the bed and hugged me from behind. He rolled me over to face him and talk to me. He moved my hair out of my face and asked “you know I love you right?” (In this moment I’m not sure if it was nerves or excitement, but I started giggling and couldn’t stop).

The poor guy repeated himself asking “you know I love you right?” And I just giggled through asking him “what are you doing?” And he said “I’m asking you to marry me. Will you marry me?” I – of course – said yes!! It was perfect – giggles and all.

Aside from our wedding last fall, it was honestly the best moment of my life. A crush I had since I was 15 and could never shake, has now become the love of my life and best friend.

We lost my mom the year Clayton and I started dating, but even in high school she told me I’d end up marrying this guy. It all happens for a reason and I feel so blessed everyday to have someone in my life that loves me so true and strong.”

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