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images by ENV Photography

there is nothing we like more than a truly unique wedding here at yegwed.com, and Misty and Mike absolutely NAILED their semi-DIY steampunk-themed wedding. Fort Edmonton Park provided an absolutely perfect setting for the romantic victorian affair that they planned, and the matchey-but-not-matching bridal party attire resulted in the bride and groom being surrounded by one well-dressed gang of victorian-era rockstars. read on, you really have to see this one to believe it!

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what were you looking forward to the most:

Of course the most obvious thing we were looking forward to the most that day was marrying our best friend; but of course all couples would say that (as it should be)… but the other thing for us was that we were looking forward to the coming together of the planning of our themed wedding. We were curious to see everything together finally, to see all our family and friends dressed up and to honestly once and for all show off our steampunk outfits to everyone. Once the day arrived and we were at the venue did we truly feel that our day was going to be the most special and memorable day of our lives. And guess what… it was! And for our guests as well! People are still talking about it as being one of the most unique weddings they have gone to.

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what was the best part of the day:

Misty: I really enjoyed the first dance as husband and wife. It is funny because Mike and I took dance lessons to learn the Viennese waltz to complement our steampunk theme. It is a very elegant but hard dance. We had learned the dance in our socks the entire time and on the last 2 lessons we decided to try with our wedding shoes on. Bad idea! Mikes shoes gave him an extra inch of length on his feet and stubbed my toes and I could not keep up to the tempo in my heels (not to mention I was taller than Mike now). It was a disaster! Plus we slacked in our lessons too so we sucked in our choreographed dance anyways (I lead). The day before our wedding we had our wedding party meet at a tennis court to stand around us in a distance that would be the same as our dance floor and continually play our song until we got our dance perfect! If you did not notice… our dance at our wedding was perfect … everyone hooted and hollered. It was an awesome part of our day and we did it in our socks!

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tell us about the theme…

Our theme was steampunk. We went for a more romantic industrial Victorian theme. Our colours were black, ivory and plum with metal accents. Many things were eclectic and DIY projects such as the bouquets, the trees at the ceremony, the invitations and décor. The dress was made by a local dress maker and all the bridesmaids’ hairpieces and jewelry were made by local artists as well. The bridesmaids and groomsmen all put together their own outfits either by putting pieces together from their own wardrobes, making them by hand or have local seamstresses/dressmakers make them. The venue made the steampunk theme come together. I think Fort Edmonton Park was the best choice for a steampunk wedding, I have no doubt. Plus – the guests loved going there and roaming the park in between the ceremony and reception. The icing on the cake was our photographer. She was able to capture the steampunk theme perfectly. Because steampunk is a “darker” theme she was able to capture that dark romantic element we were going for but not have it look gloomy or gothic which people tend to associate steampunk with.

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wedding vendors: 
venue: Fort Edmonton Park‘s Blatchford Hangar
catering: Elizabethan Catering Services
photography: ENV photography – Elizabeth van der Bij
DJ: Spinback Entertainment – Derek Allen
bride’s dress: Dark Knits Boutique – Nikki Styx
invitation design and products: Scrapbook Memories & More – assembled by the bride and bridesmaids
wedding coordination and rentals: Special Event Rentals – Kristina McNally
cake: Brenda Billo Cake Creations
bouquets: handmade by the couple

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