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photography by Moments in Digital Photography

those active in edmonton’s twitter community or in tune with the network of edmonton food blogs are bound to be familiar with the faces in today’s real wedding. Mack Male and Sharon Yeo are passionate and proud edmontonians, who share the best of  river city on their blogs and Only Here For The Food, respectively.

their thoughtful and intimate wedding featured a host of edmonton talent and iconic scenery, and we love that their day was planned with a focus on being able to walk from location to location – what a great way to have your guests enjoy a saturday afternoon in edmonton! read on to hear a bit about their love story, and how Mack and Sharon planned this unique fall wedding.

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how did you meet?

Mack: Though we weren’t high school sweethearts, we met at McNally here in Edmonton where we both attended high school. Our friendship grew throughout our final year when we were Students Union co-presidents together and we remained friends through our time at the University of Alberta. A trip to New York in 2007 is what moved our relationship beyond the friend zone!

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what was the proposal like?

Sharon: In December 2013, Mack and I had decided to return to New York. It was on a trip to New York seven years ago when our relationship changed from that of “just friends” to something more. Towards the end of our trip, Mack and I were exploring Central Park, and in hindsight, I should have picked up on the fact that he was nervous (which, at the time, seemed to me like he was extremely irritable). Walking through The Mall, he then asked that we rest a while on one of the benches. Next thing I know, Mack had pulled out a blue Tiffany box and was presenting it to me on one knee. I burst into tears. I could barely hear him through my sobbing, but needless to say, I said, “Yes!”

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tell us about the planning process!

Mack: We both agreed fairly early on that we wanted a fall wedding and that we didn’t want to have to wait years for it to happen. Those two decisions really moved the planning process along, because it meant we had a specific window of time for venues! The planning process went smoothly, primarily because of Sharon’s skills as an event planner. She just seemed to know everything that we needed to do! We tried to incorporate as many local things as we could because that’s an important part of who we are.

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was there anything you were worried wouldn’t work, but turned out awesome?

Sharon: Our decision to host our reception at RGE RD, which could only accommodate 40 people, meant that we had to be very selective with our guest list. Although we could have shifted venues, in the end, this was probably one of the best decisions we could have made. It meant we could spend more time with those closest to us in a much more relaxed atmosphere.

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what was the best moment of the day?

Mack: I really enjoyed hearing Sharon’s vows – it was probably the most emotional part of our day! I also had fun doing the tea ceremony and am glad that we incorporated that into the wedding.

Sharon: I have two – hearing the vows Mack had written for me himself (and unsuccessfully keeping it together), and feeling so loved by family and friends during their speeches at our reception.

20140927_Sharon_Mack_Wedding_598 20140927_Sharon_Mack_Wedding_594 20140927_Sharon_Mack_Wedding_548 20140927_Sharon_Mack_Wedding_536 20140927_Sharon_Mack_Wedding_522 20140927_Sharon_Mack_Wedding_689 20140927_Sharon_Mack_Wedding_693 20140927_Sharon_Mack_Wedding_700

got any advice for someone planning an edmonton wedding?

Sharon: A wedding is such a personal affair, and as such, an opportunity to incorporate things you and your partner both love. Make a list of your favourite Edmonton places, food, musicians, shops, and see what you’re able to incorporate into your day from there. While it may not be feasible to include everything, you’d be surprised at how much can be done!

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vendor shoutouts – what vendors made your day awesome? 

ceremony music: Martin Kerr – musician extraordinaire, helped set the tone at our ceremony.

after-ceremony refreshments: Eva Sweet – one of our favourite street foods in Edmonton, everyone loved the chance to get a sweet treat after the ceremony!

reception venue: RGE RD – we were very fortunate to be able to book Blair and Caitlin’s restaurant for our reception. The food and service was outstanding.

photography: Moments in Digital – there really wasn’t any other photographer we wanted to work with. We felt comfortable and at home with Bruce and Sarah, and love how the pictures turned out!

ceremony venue: Edmonton Public School Archives

read much more about Mack + Sharon’s wedding on Mack’s blog here, or Sharon’s blog here.

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