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images by Jayson Merryfield of In The Moment Photography

yegwed is all about couples who make their wedding day their own – and today’s wedding fits the bill perfectly. from paper flowers made from book pages, to literary-themed centrepieces, topped off with a flamenco first dance, Laina and Patrick found some great ways to let their personality shine through.

here’s what photographer Jayson Merryfield had to say:

‘One of the best moments of the day for me was orchestrating a first look for Laina & Patrick, in Laina’s parents back yard. It was such a nice, quiet, genuine moment for the both of them, and a great way to start a momentous day in earnest. Another highlight for me was the whole ceremony and reception at the Yellowhead Brewery. It’s such a laid back and inviting atmosphere, perfectly matching the bride & groom’s personalities, and having that kind of environment gave the whole evening an informality that encouraged people to socialize, to enjoy themselves, and to spend a bit of time interacting with all of the very tactile and hands-on decor that was spread throughout the reception. From the guest book to the centerpieces to the candy table to the appetizers and cakes, everything was designed to be inviting and interactive.’

Laina-Patrick-YEGWed-001 Laina-Patrick-YEGWed-003 Laina-Patrick-YEGWed-002 Laina-Patrick-YEGWed-005 Laina-Patrick-YEGWed-006 Laina-Patrick-YEGWed-008 edmonton wedding photography

how did you meet?

We met in high school, in chemistry class. We became friends and then parted ways in University. Patrick went to Fort McMurray and I studied at the University of Alberta. We met up again six years later, after Patrick posted about the White Stripes on Facebook. They had just broken up, and we messaged each other to talk about it. Patrick asked me out for breakfast that weekend, and we haven’t spent a weekend apart since.

Laina-Patrick-YEGWed-011 Laina-Patrick-YEGWed-009 Laina-Patrick-YEGWed-010 Laina-Patrick-YEGWed-012 Laina-Patrick-YEGWed-014 Laina-Patrick-YEGWed-017 edmonton wedding photography

what was the proposal like?

Patrick and I both write for fun, and ever since we had started dating, we would spend a weekend in August at the When Words Collide writing convention. In August of 2013, we went to the convention once again. Patrick and I went up to our room between sessions to grab a few items. I went to freshen up in the washroom and when I came out, Patrick was holding a book. He told me that he wrote it, and I, like the kind and supportive partner I am, thought he was trying to tease me. I grabbed the book out of his hands and opened it up to the middle, and my ring came flying out of a recess he had carved in the book. It turned out he had written a book and self-published it, and the dedication page was his proposal to me! I cried, apologized and of course, said yes!

Laina-Patrick-YEGWed-019 Laina-Patrick-YEGWed-018 Laina-Patrick-YEGWed-039 Laina-Patrick-YEGWed-040 Laina-Patrick-YEGWed-041 edmonton wedding photography

tell us about the planning process!

It was very stressful, as we both have busy careers. Luckily, our family arranged for us to have the services of Kay and Elle wedding planners. They were great ladies to work with, and made all of our crazy visions and dreams for our wedding come true.

was there anything you were worried wouldn’t work, but turned out awesome?

I was mostly worried about the logistics of getting everyone together for pictures. Once again, our wedding planners arranged a detailed schedule and made sure everyone arrived on time.

Laina-Patrick-YEGWed-020 Laina-Patrick-YEGWed-021 Laina-Patrick-YEGWed-028 Laina-Patrick-YEGWed-032 Laina-Patrick-YEGWed-030 Laina-Patrick-YEGWed-024 Laina-Patrick-YEGWed-029 Laina-Patrick-YEGWed-033 edmonton wedding photography

what was the best moment of the day?

My favourite part of the night was performing Flamenco dancing with Patrick as our first dance – we’ll never get an applause like that again, I think!

got any advice for someone planning an edmonton wedding?

We have so much natural beauty here, with our parks and River Valley. Find a photographer who knows the secluded, beautiful places to go. Our photographer, Jayson Merryfield, had some great ideas and there was no one else around during our photos.

Laina-Patrick-YEGWed-037 Laina-Patrick-YEGWed-038 Laina-Patrick-YEGWed-044 Laina-Patrick-YEGWed-046 Laina-Patrick-YEGWed-050 Laina-Patrick-YEGWed-049 Laina-Patrick-YEGWed-048 Laina-Patrick-YEGWed-055 Laina-Patrick-YEGWed-056 Laina-Patrick-YEGWed-051 Laina-Patrick-YEGWed-053 Laina-Patrick-YEGWed-058 edmonton wedding photography

vendor shoutouts – what vendors made your day awesome? list as many as you think deserve mentioning!

desserts: Wild Earth Cafe made us the most delicious cakes – London Fog, White Chocolate Raspberry, Mocha Redeye, Chocolate Lavender and Gluten Free Chocolate. I think every one of our guests had a piece!

photographer: In The Moment Photography – Jayson Merryfield, our photographer, had us feeling comfortable and even entertained throughout the day. His presence put me immediately at ease and kept me from feeling nervous.

wedding planner: Kay & Elle Weddings – We can’t thank our planners enough – by the end of the planning process, they had become good friends too!

venue: The Yellowhead Brewery

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