annette + kolby’s cute and casual engagement photos – edmonton e-session

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images by Lyndsay Greenwood Photography

one glance at these engagement session photos makes two things clear – that Annette and Kolby share a very special connection, and that Lyndsay Greenwood captured it perfectly. we love the natural, outdoorsy feel of these photos, and that beautiful antique engagement ring. read on for a taste of their sweet love story, as told by the groom-to-be, Kolby.

‘Although we met later in our lives, that meeting was no less magical or enchanting than a first love or that feeling before your first kiss. Annette and I found in each other a person to share our dreams and move through life together. On Christmas day 2013, while celebrating the first Christmas of our new baby girl and surrounded by our other wonderful girls, Annette and I became engaged. Although we already shared our lives, this was a final step in truly joining our life and celebrating the love we found in each other. We were deeply touched that our girls gave us this photo shoot as an engagement present. Lyndsay was great to sit for. In looking back at the pictures she captured not just a pose but a pause in our life and they show the happiness we found in each other and the happiness we carry into each day. Ours is not a traditional story yet it is storybook nonetheless. We will happily share our wedding day surrounded by our girls just as we were the day we committed to each other.’

Annette & Kolby Annette & Kolby Annette & Kolby Annette & Kolby Annette & Kolby Annette & Kolby Annette & Kolby Annette & Kolby edmonton engagement session