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edmonton wedding makeup artist

edmonton is full of rad women in business, especially in the wedding industry – and Elizabeth of Blushed Beaute (top right photo) is a young woman to watch. with a growing business and recent rebrand, as well as a collaboration with MakeupandMeg, this girl is on the move in the industry, leaving a trail of stellar work wherever she goes. it’s my pleasure to introduce her! here is Elizabeth’s five top five:

tell us a little bit about yourself & what you do in the edmonton wedding world!:

I’m the owner of Blushed Beaute – I just launched that but I’ve been the artist with Makeup By Elizabeth for 3 years. I do hair and makeup for all sorts of events but weddings are my focus. I LOVE being a part of the wedding world. I got into it 4 years ago and it’s amazing to be a part of such a special day and every time a client feels gorgeous and can be so confident on a day she’ll remember forever, I know I’m so blessed to do what I do.

edmonton wedding makeup artist

top five best things about your job:

-I LOVE making people feel good about themselves. I love when they turn around and are thrilled with how I brought out their favourite features or hid some stress acne that made them feel uncomfortable.

– Meeting new people all the time. I have amazing clients and when I’m at an event or someones wedding it feels like I’m always making new friends! I never feel like it’s work it’s always so fun.

– Meeting the talent. Working with other local artists is amazing, you get to see people starting up their dreams! It’s inspiring.

– Running my own business. Being able to dream big and start implementing my ideas is probably one of my favourite things. Don’t get me wrong, I love that I get to sleep in and work my own hours, but it’s the dream for the future that gets me excited every day.

– Creativity. I used to feel stifled in my old job but as an artist I get to keep up with trends and actually bring them to life myself! Beauty and Fashion are always changing and there’s so much room for raw talent, your vision, the vision of a team and bringing it all to life always feels like I’m using up my whole mind!

edmonton wedding makeup artist

top five edmonton wedding vendors you love working with:

Oh that’s a TOUGH question! I work with so many people and there’s a TON of talent in our city but… ok if I name the top 5:

Cory Christopher – talk about creative. Ask him about flowers!

Danielle Lucier – her photos are unreal. Stunning.

Alicia Varty – she does wedding planning and you never really know what she does but every event runs without a hitch!

Justine Milton – She’s not in Edmonton very often as she flies around everywhere doing these gorgeous weddings but catch her if you can!

Nickol Walkemeyer – she’s a makeup artist on my team and she has the most amazing energy when she works. Her stuff is gorgeous and she’s hilarious!

edmonton wedding makeup artist

top five ways to make a wedding unique:

Honestly this isn’t my best area – I’m creative when it comes to makeup but otherwise I’m out of my depth! But here’s my best shot:

Put colours together that you don’t usually see like gold and silver even in the summer. Or hot pink and nude – don’t go with what’s trendy but make your own!

Don’t wear a white dress – I’ve seen a red wedding dress and it was amazing! White is stunning but if you want to be different, no one would see that coming!

Choose a location no one has seen before, try something different. Have the ceremony right on the river, or at the park. you might not be able to control traffic but your photos will be unique! (it’s ok to let your guests stand as long as it’s not +30 with a long ceremony)

Wear a colourful lip – like Orange – if it’s flattering to your skin and you look gorgeous – why not?

Do something fun, not stressful. Forget the rules and have a BBQ in the park – right after the ceremony – pump the music and keep it relaxed. You can still cater but maybe lose some of the stress if it’s cold food.

edmonton wedding makeup artist

top five best things about living in edmonton:

– The summers are beautiful.

– So many trees! The city is stunning, just keep your eyes open when your driving. Sunset is my favourite.

– All my friends live here so it’s home. And now so do all my clients, it feels like home all the time.

– We have an amazing arts industry that just starting to grow, I love being a part of that.

– There’s so much opportunity!

edmonton wedding makeup artist

top five things to do in edmonton:

Festivals and parties – I love going to all the amazing things our city and the business here host. So many fun adventures to be had, especially in summer

Eat – love the restaurant options we have here, for all range of prices and food types. Tzin is my current favourite.

Go shopping – and not at the mall. Walking down whyte or 124th by Jasper have SO many shops you wouldn’t see just driving, Little Miss Boss is a great unique store run locally.

Go to the park – I live right by hermitage park and I love going for a run there all summer long, winters are hard as I live on a hill but there’s 4 lakes and the river all so close together!

Get pampered – nails/hair/makeup/skincare/massage – Edmonton has some crazy talent and I love meeting the people in the beauty service industry – must have something to do with what I love!

well, we think Elizabeth’s awesome! do you? go check out her website, say hey on facebook, or leave a comment below! 

edmonton wedding makeup artist