alternative gift registry – get what you really want!

alt gift registries

is it just me, or do the holidays make you take stock of how much stuff  you have? i know that when it comes to buying gifts for loved ones, i’m trying to get away from giving them material items in favour of giving experiences, or things that will last in their memory like gift certificates for activities, concert tickets, and ‘vouchers’ for dinner together.

when it comes to wedding presents, i know that many couples struggle with the expectation to register for gifts when they don’t necessarily need more stuff. the traditional norm of a young couple moving from their parents’ home straight into their first home together has become outdated, as the age of first-time brides and grooms climbs close to 30 years old. couples who have been living together for a long time and have a fully-stocked home, or those getting married later in life probably don’t need a bunch of brand new household appliances.

however, there’s a conundrum. your friends and family want to buy you gifts. for many people, this is a way that they can show their love for you in a practical way. there are some great ideas out there, like having guests contribute to a honeymoon fund, or simply asking for no gifts. however, i recently came across an online registry system that i thought was so cool (nope, this post is not endorsed… i just thought it was too cool not to share!)

SoKind Registry allows you to create a gift registry from scratch, and include anything you like – including non-material items. some of their suggested gifts include things like locally-made gifts (something missing in most big-box stores that offer registries), lessons, passes to local attractions, or for someone to compile a family cookbook. they also suggest registering for help with wedding tasks or expenses – how about getting someone to give you a few hours of time to help with decor? i think it’s a great way to get what you really need, without accumulating excess ‘stuff.’

what do you think? would you consider an alternative gift registry? let us know in the comments!