5 Tips for a Fun + Flawless Engagement Session

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An engagement shoot is an amazing opportunity for couples. It gives them the chance to interact with the person who will be documenting their special day BEFORE those once-in-a-lifetime moments happen.  It is so incredibly important to build a rapport with your photographer in the months leading up to your wedding, and an engagement shoot is the perfect occasion for that to happen!

In this post, I’ve compiled 5 of my best tips for a relaxed, enjoyable and authentic engagement shoot.

Dress Appropriately

I’m not trying to talk you out of crop tops and short shorts. If that is an outfit that you are comfortable and free in, then by all means, rock it! Just be sure that any outfits that you choose are well suited to your personalities, and are a reflection of who you are as a couple. Authenticity happens when you are living in the moment, enjoying the one that you are with rather than worrying about how your clothes make you look and feel. If you feel comfortable and amazing, that energy will show through! Also keep in mind that you want these photographs to be precious heirlooms that you can proudly display in your home. Your clothing choice will lay the foundation for the look and feel of your session. If you’re stuck on outfit choice, ask your photographer!

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Gather Varied Inspiration

Pinterest is an amazing tool, and I always recommend that my couples make a Pinterest board of photo ideas that they LOVE well before the shoot happens.

Will your photographer copy those ideas verbatim? Not exactly.

Every photographer has his/her style when shooting, and that will always come across throughout the shoot. However, an inspiration board will give the photographer an idea of the types of photos that speak to you. That offers him/her the opportunity to plan the technical aspects to use in order to compliment the types of shots that you are drawn to.

Voice Your Concerns

Are you a little bit self-conscious about being in front of the camera? Aren’t we all! If you are nervous, or if you have certain concerns, take time to address them BEFORE the shoot. Believe it or not, most photographers would rather be behind the lens than in front of it, so we can definitely relate to those concerns. If you have a ‘better side’, or a smile that always feels forced, or certain insecurities about your body shape, these are all things that we as photographers know how to address. Don’t be shy. Tell us what you’re worried about beforehand. Chances are, when we’re done, you won’t even notice the things that you were so worried about to begin with. This also has the added benefit of strengthening the bond and sense of trust that you are building with your photographer.

Choose a Meaningful Location

Your choice of location is the second factor that contributes to the look and feel of your shoot. Are you more of a city/urban type person? Then you may be the most comfortable on city streets surrounded by brick buildings and trendy cafés. More of a nature nut? Forests and fields just might be your thing! As with the outfit choice, you want to ensure that you choose a place that has meaning to you, or a place in which you feel comfortable. This place should allow your true selves to shine so that you can focus on getting lost in each other.

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Don’t Be Shy!

Fair warning: your photographer will ask you to kiss during your shoot. GASP!!! This person standing next to you is your partner in crime, the love of your life, the person that you have chosen to spend the rest of your life with…don’t be afraid of a little intimacy! The chemistry that exists between you makes you perfect for each other, and we strive to capture that chemistry in all its genuine glory.

It’s totally natural to feel nervous. Here are a few tricks that you can keep up your sleeve to help you relax and not feel so silly.

– Try to get lost in your partner’s eyes. I know, it sounds cheesy, but it really works! Look deep into his/her eyes, and focus on shutting the rest of the world out. Notice his/her eye color, how it differs from one eye to the other, how the irises sunburst outward, how the light makes them sparkle…you get the idea. Before long, you’ll only have eyes for them (see what I did there?!) and you won’t even realize that someone is capturing it.

– Ask your photographer if they can play some music. It will give you something to focus on, and create some common ground for you and your partner. You could even try dancing together!

– If the two previous tips don’t help to quiet your nerves, maybe ask your photographer to take a few steps back and give you some space. Just a little bit of personal time with your honey can help you to relax into the rhythm of your shoot.

My last piece of advice? DO IT! If your photographer offers the option for an engagement shoot, jump on it! You’ll have a chance to get all dressed up with the person of your dreams for a shoot that is all about you. The art that you will receive afterward will be a priceless reminder of the love that you share, and a well documented start to this amazing journey that is marriage.

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today’s guest post was written by edmonton engagement and wedding photographer, Bobby Jean Yeoman of Wild Rose Photography. there’s an undeniable authenticity in Bobby’s work that overflows from the kind of person she is – to see one of Bobby’s full engagement sessions, check out her blog here. be sure to check out her website, and like the Wild Rose Photography facebook page, too!