how to choose the perfect wedding photographer

edmonton wedding photography

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So you just got engaged – CONGRATULATIONS!

You’ve probably picked out your venue, color scheme and possibly gone dress shopping once (or twice). Now it’s time to hire a wedding photographer …. are you feeling overwhelmed? There are so many amazingly talented photographers to choose from, it can probably be challenging.

Here are a few tips for hiring the perfect wedding photographer for your unique day.

edmonton wedding photography

1. Research

First and foremost you’re going to have to search for a photographer within your area, or the area you’re getting married in. Google is a great resource and a good place to start if you are just getting started. Even better than the almighty Google? Personal referrals and recommendations! Talk to vendors you’ve already hired like your wedding planner, venue manager, florist, etc. They’ve worked with lots of photographers in the past and probably have some great recommendations for you.

I would recommend starting your photographer search about 12-18 months before your wedding date.

edmonton wedding photography

2. Style

Take a good look at photographer’s images on their website. Ask yourself: Do I like their style? Do I connect with the images? How do the images make me FEEL? No two photographers photograph exactly the same way. Take note of how and what they capture on a wedding day. Choose someone whose work you really connect with. When you picture your wedding photos in your head, are they soft, warm and romantic? Or maybe bright, colorful, and full of laughter? Which photographers match up with that vision in your head?

Remember, your wedding photos will be with you forever. When hiring a wedding photographer you are putting your trust in them to document your wedding day; to tell your story and help you relive each moments every time you look back on your images.

edmonton wedding photography

3. Personality

I believe it is so important that you get along with your wedding photographer. Not only should you consider style, but also personality when choosing your wedding photographer. This person could very well end up spending more time with you on your wedding day than your new husband or wife! Once you’ve narrowed down your list of top 3 or 5 favourite photographers (who are available on your wedding day) plan an in-person meeting where both you and your fiance will be present. If it’s not possible to meet in person, I would suggest a chat via Skype. Ask yourself: Does this person make me feel comfortable? Do I trust them to document my wedding day? I would suggest meeting more than one photographer, but probably not more than 5. You could just end up with too many awesome choices!

edmonton wedding photography

4. Budget

While I don’t suggest totally blowing your budget, I recommend going with your gut. I’ve read before that one of the biggest regrets couples have is not spending more on their photography. Your wedding day will go by so quickly, it’s important that all the moments and details are captured so you can look back on them for years to come.

Make sure to ask what it will cost before and after the wedding. Sometimes photography packages include everything, while others will have a ton of add-ons you might want. At first glance it may seem more or less expensive depending on what the packages include. Don’t rule out a photographer after calling or emailing for prices because they quoted an amount that exceeded your budget. Ask specific, detailed questions and make sure you find out what is included in that price. Decide what you’re looking for with your wedding photographs (album, large prints, digital images, parent albums, etc) and then see if the photographer has custom packages available.

In the end, hire someone you feel comfortable with and who you trust.

this was a guest post, written by Christina of Christina Louise Photography, and originally appeared here. Christina is a talented and passionate photographer in Edmonton who loves what she does, as well as travel and a good chai latte. check out Christina’s website here, say hi on twitter, or give her some love on facebook