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photos by Kristilee Parish Photography

with a love story that began in high school, when this couple shared nearly all of the same classes, Jerica and Jordan’s big day was a big and beautiful celebration. we love the soft palette and timeless style of this wedding, and it’s made even better by the love that is shared so visibly¬†between these sweethearts. oh, and a stop for froyo in the middle of photos? yes PLEASE.

here’s what photographer Kristilee had to say about working with Jerica and Jordan:

‘Jerica and Jordan were naturals in front of the camera – their love is so true and they are just so comfortable with each other. there is never a shortage of laughter or smiles when these two are together and Jerica’s laughter is so contagious. these two are goofy and fun and definitely reflected themselves throughout the wedding, even during the ceremony these two were relaxed and having fun.’

read on for more details from the bride… enjoy!

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what was the proposal like?

it was very eventful.. Jordan had sent me chocolate covered strawberries through Edible Arrangements while i was at work, and we had been planning to go for dinner later on that night. what had happened the night before is that Jordan had seriously injured his leg (almost broke it) the night before and we had spent the majority of the night in the emergency room, so naturally his plans had changed slightly and he really never gave me the details of what he initially had planned. but we went for dinner and due to his right leg being broken i drove us to our date and hustled him along while he hobbled on crutches. we had a very nice dinner and then finished up with a “walk” in the river valley, we didn’t get to far until we sat down on a park bench and Jordan began to bring up old memories of us and said all sorts of sweet things and soon finished off by getting down on one knee. i was totally not expecting it! i was very happy, very emotional and so excited. the best part of the whole experience is that it is a true testament to our relationship and constant trips to the emergency room, kinda like one of our very first dates back in high school!

20140815_jordan&jerica_wedding_976 20140815_jordan&jerica_wedding_977 20140815_jordan&jerica_wedding_978 20140815_jordan&jerica_wedding_979 20140815_jordan&jerica_wedding_980 20140815_jordan&jerica_wedding_981 20140815_jordan&jerica_wedding_984 20140815_jordan&jerica_wedding_985 20140815_jordan&jerica_wedding_995 20140815_jordan&jerica_wedding_994 20140815_jordan&jerica_wedding_991 edmonton wedding

tell us about the planning process!

the only part i found to be any stress at all was locking down a venue; i enjoyed every part of the planning other wise. i was lucky to have picked absolutely wonderful and professional vendors. i’m a creative person so when it came to decor and all the small details i was excited to let the creativity flow. i figure – i’m only gonna do this once and planning is part of the whole experience so i wanted to enjoy it as much as i could and i did!

20140815_jordan&jerica_wedding_992 20140815_jordan&jerica_wedding_990 20140815_jordan&jerica_wedding_1007 20140815_jordan&jerica_wedding_1008 20140815_jordan&jerica_wedding_996 20140815_jordan&jerica_wedding_1003 20140815_jordan&jerica_wedding_1004 edmonton wedding

what was the best moment of the day?

i always told everyone: at the end of the day no matter what happens as long as i get to marry the man of my dreams i would be happy. so i would have to say that our ceremony and vows was the best part! however, the entire night was amazing and i will never forget it.

20140815_jordan&jerica_wedding_1011 20140815_jordan&jerica_wedding_1012 20140815_jordan&jerica_wedding_1014 20140815_jordan&jerica_wedding_1016 20140815_jordan&jerica_wedding_1017 20140815_jordan&jerica_wedding_1018 edmonton wedding

got any advice for someone planning an edmonton wedding?

leave yourself time to plan and don’t leave things till the last minute. have fun with everything – sometimes the stress will sneak up on you but no one likes a bridezilla, so make sure to enjoy it because you’ll never get this experience again.

20140815_jordan&jerica_wedding_1020 20140815_jordan&jerica_wedding_1028 20140815_jordan&jerica_wedding_1026 20140815_jordan&jerica_wedding_1031 20140815_jordan&jerica_wedding_1023 20140815_jordan&jerica_wedding_1024 20140815_jordan&jerica_wedding_1034 20140815_jordan&jerica_wedding_1032 20140815_jordan&jerica_wedding_1038 20140815_jordan&jerica_wedding_1039 20140815_jordan&jerica_wedding_1036 20140815_jordan&jerica_wedding_1037 edmonton wedding

vendor shoutouts – what vendors made your day awesome?

photographer: Kristilee Parish Photography, Second Shooter: Lyndsay Greenwood Photography
ceremony venue: Covenant Christian Reformed Church
reception venue + catering: Fantasyland Hotel
linens: All West Wedding Rentals
bridesmaids dresses: Davids Bridal
dj: Revolution Entertainment
dress: Allure from Novelle Bridal
flowers: Growers Direct Sherwood Park
hair: Brianna Rogers and Debbie Young
makeup: bride & Shanda Kunce