happy halloween! spooky inspiration for your hallowedding

happy halloweeeeeeeen!

since we’re huge fans of halloween in these here parts, and love weddings that are a little out of the ordinary, it’s only fitting that we’d feature some halloween-inspired wedding love. here’s a roundup of six halloween-ey weddings that you need to check out today!

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costume party disguised as a wedding – with a cemetery photo session!

first up, we have a wedding with pretty and sweet pumpkin-ey ceremony decor. click through to the original post here to see the rest of this epic costume party wedding, with a hint of macabre. (via Offbeat Bride)

halloween wedding pumpkin decor

images by Little Fang Photo, via Offbeat Bride

classy garden wedding with hints of halloween

we are big fans of black and white striped decor accents, and this wedding kills it. click through to the original post to see how a halloween wedding can be less creepy and more classy. (via Green Wedding Shoes)


images by Erin Hearts Court, via Green Wedding Shoes

vintage styled october wedding, with creepy decor (including Beetlejuice-inspired details!)

yes, that is the Handbook for the Recently Deceased, an important part of the Beetlejuice movie, and this couple used a blank copy as their guest book! too cool. click through to see more details, including toe-tags as seating cards. (via Offbeat Bride)

handbook for the recently deceased

image by Matthew Modoono, via Offbeat Bride

extravagant halloween wedding (with gorgeous dress & birdcage veil)

this couple went all-out, transforming a standard-issue banquet hall into a complete halloween wonderland – you simply have to click through to see this bride’s gorgeous vintage-styled dress and birdcage veil, and read this couple’s sweet lifelong love story. (via Offbeat Bride)

purple classy

image by Light Impressions Photography, via Offbeat Bride

’til death do us part cake with skeleton toppers

if you’re thinking of just incorporating one or two halloween-ey details, the cake is a great place to do just that! i love these skeletons on the top of the cake, and the bold but classy style of this cake. click through to the original post to see an amazeballs gold and black wedding dress & more. (via goodbye miss)

back and white cake

image by Kristen Marie Photography, via goodbye miss

creepy, yet perfectly colour-coordinated candy buffet

this buffet comes from one of my favourite halloween weddings on the whole internet – big call, i know. but this bride has purple hair, the details are designed to perfection, and it’s simply a perfect mix of classy and creepy – check it out! (via Offbeat Bride)

creepy candy table

image by Michelle Johnson, via Offbeat Bride

hope your day is the creepiest!!