have you considered tanning for your wedding day?

glow wedding tan

have you considered getting a spray tan before your wedding day? i’ll be the first to admit that i’ve been a little skeptical of spray tans. i’ve certainly seen some women (and men) who look great with glowing skin, but – let’s be honest – we’ve all seen someone whose (obviously fake) tan is a disaster.

personally, there were a few specific concerns i had. first – i have medium-fair skin. even after living in Fiji for six months, i looked like i had a just a little glow. wouldn’t a spray tan look unnatural on my light complexion? next – i have a number of large, colourful tattoos and i wasn’t quite sure what a spray tan would do to them. would it partially cover them up and make the colours look weird? would the tan on the tattoos give away that the tan was fake? i just had no idea.

when Alitta from OrganicTan Edmonton invited me to review their natural, organic airbrush tans, I was hesitant. i even told her that i was a spray-tan skeptic, but she was confident that once i tried an OrganicTan, i’d be a convert. so, at the beginning of october i had my very first airbrush tan! here’s how it went:

the experience

nestled in the same location as The Lash and Brow Studio (formerly Indigo Lash Lounge), you’re greeted with a classy, stylish atmosphere. Alitta led me to the OrganicTan studio and asked me whether i wanted to look like i’ve spent a week in Kelowna, or a week in Jamaica. i asked for the ‘Kelowna’ option, and after walking me through the preparation, she began to apply the ‘medium’ tan by airbrush. the tan itself took about 15 minutes, and i was walked through the application clearly and made to feel comfortable. afterwards, i was told to wear loose-fitting clothes and given helpful care instructions for getting the most out of the tan.

the result

allow me to brag for a second – i looked awesome! i was really pleased with how natural my face looked, as one of my biggest concerns was that my face would look unnaturally dark. I simply looked like i’d seen a bit of sun – which was quite nice at the beginning of october!

tan 1

this is me on day 2 of my OrganicTan (at Bridal Expo) – i was loving my natural-looking glow!

the tan was even all over my body, but my favourite part was my legs – they were more evenly tanned than they are when i tan in the sun, and they just looked great. i did have some lines from my bra, which i had to put on after the tan (potential tmi alert!). however, i was specifically told to wear loose-fitting clothes after the tan, so i knew that might happen. although it wasn’t an option for this time, next time i’d try to book a tan on a day that i could leave the appointment without having to wear a bra.

i was worried about my tattoos, but they looked absolutely fine. apparently the tan solution doesn’t soak into scar tissue, which is essentially what tattoos are, so they remained their original colour, and looked fine surrounded by tanned skin.

the review

tan 2

i was impressed with how natural the tan looked on my face – in this photo, the tan was at its darkest (day 2), but i don’t look too out of place with Anika or Ryan.

i would definitely recommend considering an airbrush tan for your wedding, especially for those with strapless, backless, or short wedding dresses. i loved how it evened out my faint tan lines left over from the summer. i often see brides and bridesmaids wearing strapless dresses with tan lines still visible, but an airbrush tan would definitely help get rid of those, giving an even skin tone all over your shoulders.

the tan looked very natural, which is really what sold me on it. my boyfriend (who normally notices any change to hair or makeup) didn’t notice the tan right away. he said that i looked great and that something looked different, but couldn’t place what it was. my best friend had a similar reaction. i was pleased with that response, as it dispelled my fear that people would immediate spot my ‘fake’ tan.

my conclusion? i would definitely tan again, especially for a trip, destination wedding, or any occasion where my dress would reveal tan lines, or show off my legs.

ready to try it for yourself? take the first step to gorgeous, glowing skin, and check out the OrganicTan Edmonton website here!