melanie & richard’s elegant autumn backyard wedding – edmonton wedding inspiration

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photography by Buffy Goodman.

full of warm, autumn-ey goodness, today’s backyard dinner party wedding is a perfect chaser to thanksgiving weekend. i absolutely love this wedding – Melanie and Richard’s utter joy on their wedding day is so evident in these photos (once again, i got teary just looking at the photos!). with exquisite planning and design by Jordan of Atmosphere Weddings combined with this gorgeous couple, all captured by Buffy Goodman, you’ll definitely want to sit down with a pumpkin spice latte and take in all of these gorgeous details, along with a bit of their story, as told by the bride, Melanie.

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how did you meet?

We met through E-Harmony. I had signed up for one free month and met Richard and that was it for me! I knew immediately that he was going to be in my life for a long time. For our first date (coffee!) we met up at Second Cup at the downtown library to grab a coffee and go for a walk. Richard asked me if this was going to be a coffee walk or a water walk. I was nice to him and said coffee! We had our first wedding anniversary on Sunday, October 5th, and we went on our coffee walk and then for dinner.

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what was the proposal like?

It was amazing. We went to second cup for our coffee walk and we ended up walking the path along the river. We stopped at a park bench, and Richard got down on a knee and asked to me to marry him. Best coffee walk ever!

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tell us about the planning process!

Our planning process was fantastic. We hired Atmosphere Weddings, and Jordan (the owner of the company) was our planner. All we had to do was give him our budget and some info about what we liked and didn’t like, and he took it from there. We had a small wedding (less than 30 people) and we didn’t want our guests to lift a finger-we wanted everyone (including us) to just have a relaxing wedding in our back yard. As you can see from the photos, our back yard is beautiful.

Melanie-Richard-256 Melanie-Richard-248 Melanie-Richard-243 Melanie-Richard-234 Melanie-Richard-227 Melanie-Richard-259 Melanie-Richard-247

was there anything you were worried wouldn’t work, but turned out awesome?

We were worried about the weather. We wanted to have an outdoor wedding, and because it was so late in the season we took a pretty bold chance. Jordan put in a request in to Mother Earth to have beautiful weather. We were just thrilled that he had that connection to Her because the weather was magnificent!

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what was the best moment of the day?

The ‘I do’ part, of course! And having a beautiful calm day watching everyone – including us- just relaxing and sharing that day.

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got any advice for someone planning an edmonton wedding?

Yup! Hire Jordan from Atmosphere Weddings, Buffy Goodman for photos and Harvest catering and Fabloomosity for the best wedding. So much of the stress was reduced because we had all of these amazing people stressing out on our behalf! HaHa!

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vendor shoutouts – what vendors made your day awesome? list as many as you think deserve mentioning!

Everyone involved made our day extra special – the design, the humor, the relaxed feeling of everyone involved – it was the most stress free planning- everyone’s imagination and excellence was pure joy. We didn’t have any doubt that our wedding would be perfect for us.

planning & design: Atmosphere Weddings
photography: Buffy Goodman
catering: Harvest Catering
flowers: FaBLOOMosity

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