what to know when planning your wedding flowers: part 1

planning wedding flowers

images: photos by Buffy Goodman; flowers by Studio Bloom

today’s post is from florist Rosella Mandau of Studio Bloom on 124 street! Rosella is super helpful, and often ready to answer questions on #yegweddinghour on twitter. her knowledge of wedding florals far exceeds mine, so i invited her to give us the rundown on what you need to know when shopping for your wedding flowers! this is part one, focused on the questions frequently asked by couples. tune in next monday for part two, which covers some questions you may not think to ask, but you should – an insiders perspective!

four questions brides often ask:

how far in advance should i book my florist?

it’s never too early. if you’ve got your date selected, colours chosen and the reception venue booked, you’re probably ready to move on to some of the specific details. flowers can really help you express your personality and style at your wedding so don’t leave that important detail too late. some floral designers book up well in advance and they all have to have at least a couple of months lead time to plan and source the best blooms for your big day.

how much will my wedding flowers cost?

many couples find it difficult to budget for flowers and that’s understandable if it’s the first time they’ve planned a wedding. some things to keep in mind:

· seasonality will have an impact. steer clear of february 14th and mother’s day weekend when choosing your date. flower costs are often higher around the special occasions.

· specific blooms can increase the cost. if you really want phaleonopsis orchids and calla lilles, understand that they are somewhat precious and their cost reflects that. a creative floral designer should be able to suggest alternative blooms to create a similar look while keeping the cost under control.

· size and numbers are a factor. a large bridesmaid bouquet times six is going to add up in a hurry. splurge on your bouquet and request ideas on how to reduce the cost on the bridesmaids bouquets.

· your floral designer should be willing to work with you to create a design you’ll love at a price you can afford.


can i have peonies in july? can i have ranunculus in august? how about dahlias in may? tulips in december?

flowers are a special part of your wedding day and some brides love specific blooms so much that they research the seasonal availability of their faves and book their wedding date accordingly. most, however, fall in love with specific flowers well into the planning process and discover that some of those specific blooms are tricky to come by. remember that we are in a global market and although edmonton is logistically and geographically very far from where most flowers are grown, we have access to an incredible selection year round. chances are those flowers are available on your date, but depending on where they are travelling from to be at your wedding, the cost can be a bit outrageous! we can always find a good substitute.

can i see a mock-up of my bouquet?

there are so many images available at our fingertips that it shouldn’t be a problem to find a bouquet that will represent the one we’ll make for you. we don’t like to create mock-ups, mainly because we have to bring in huge quantities of flowers to create the mock-up and it’s wasteful. for this reason, the cost of the mock-up will often be greater than the actual bouquet. keep talking with your floral designer until you build the level of trust you need to feel that she understands the vision and feeling you expect your flowers to express.

thanks so much Rosella! have any questions not answered here? ask them in the comments!