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photography by Crystal Puim

this is another one of those weddings that as soon as i saw a sneak peak on the photographer’s site, i knew i needed to feature it on yegwed! and after i got the information below from Mikki, it was clear that they planned a wedding that kept what’s important in focus, and reflected their personalities and values throughout the process – which is exactly what yegwed is all about. read on to hear how they planned their wedding with minimal stress and only a few vendors, and check out the incredible photos by Crystal Puim!

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the story behind the photos:

I had wanted photos at Fort Edmonton Park. I loved the look and the variety of the venue. I don’t like the stress of driving everywhere and trying to coordinate events at multiple locations, so we decided to do the whole thing start to finish at Fort Edmonton Park. That way the guests could walk around and enjoy the park in between the ceremony and reception. There is a bar and food options available on site for guests that wanted. Our wedding party was huge and I knew that would present a challenge for photos! Crystal did an amazing job guiding us for each photo. The lack of structure in the photos captures the wedding day perfectly!

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how did you meet?

We met through mutual friends 13 years ago. We have always been friends first. It developed into a strong relationship…the kind you know will be there all your life. What was the proposal like? We were having a rough summer going through a couple losses, and in the midst of it all he decided that he wanted to make it official. When you are going through a rough time it reinforces the things that matter most to you. It was simply sitting in our backyard over a glass of wine and some conversation. I’m not sure he even planned to ask…it just came out!

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tell us about the planning process… was there anything you were worried wouldn’t work, but turned out awesome?

I had planned to make it as stress free as possible on the day of. I started collecting vintage items as I came across them. For the maids I decided to purchase all of their dresses, and have everyone in something different. That way I could perfect the look I was going for without worrying about the “one dress suits all.” I wanted everything mismatched. That way nothing would look out of place. I had photos of the wedding party on the table with the seating plan so people could put names to the faces. I did not have an MC or a formal program. It was just a casual day where everything could flow naturally.

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what was the best moment of the day?

The whole day was pretty special. I really enjoyed being able to have so many friends and family share the day with us. We had picked our first dance song, but didn’t even think about the pace of the song…we ended up barely dancing to it. We just talked to each other and laughed (the photos really show the joy of the moment) as Caleb shared his feelings about the day. When the second song came on guests were invited to join us on the dance floor. It was packed! From then on the dance floor was always busy! So many guests walked away from the event having made new friends.

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got any advice for someone planning an edmonton wedding?

Try to plan your wedding at a good pace. Don’t leave important items to the last minute. Utilize buy and sell groups on Facebook. There are so many brides selling off their items. Every week Michael’s has a 40% off coupon…try to utilize those for your décor. It really cuts down costs! If you find yourself stressing about details, stop and ask yourself if that detail is really important for your special day.

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vendor shoutouts – what vendors made your day awesome?
photographer: Crystal Puim Photography was awesome for capturing our special day! The photobooth was a big hit with the guests!
caterer: A Cappella Catering did a fantastic job with the food.
cupcakes: We had mini cupcakes from Flirt Cupcakes (they also make gluten free).
entertainment: DJ Nyquest provided the music for our event.

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  • oh my heart this is an amazing wedding. i loved the baseball pic with the groomsmen and her dress was absolutely stunning. way to find such a winner stace. i wanna re do my wedding now.

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