eight song ideas for your wedding ceremony

wedding music ideas

looking for songs to use for your wedding ceremony? we’ve got ideas! most couples have moved away from using strictly classical or intstrumental music for their wedding ceremony, but it’s still easy to get stuck when trying to make a selection. these eight songs cover a few different moods and genres – but the common thread is that we think they’d fit well into a wedding ceremony, and bonus: they haven’t been used a million times over.

(i love you) for sentimental reasons – sam cooke
to start off, here’s a pick from the amazing sam cooke, whose entire musical catalogue is practically perfect for wedding music – if you’re into old soul music, some sam cooke is a must!

‘i love you for sentimental reasons
i hope you do believe me
i’ve given you my heart…’

honey and the bee – owl city
sweet, a little quirky and a little more upbeat, this sweet song would make a nice interlude to be played during the signing of the register or perhaps even as a nice recessional.

‘…’cause my heart stops without you
there’s something about you
that makes me feel alive.’

you are the one – matt hires
this love song is soft, sweet and pleasantly underused for weddings – even though the lyrics are perfectly fitting for a wedding ceremony.

‘you are the one for me.
you are the song I’m singing, darling,
you are the song I sing,
you are the melody…’

rest of my life – holley maher
a very soft and gentle love song, with a slow tempo that would work well as a processional or even an entrance song for the bride.

”cause you kiss me a awake when the sun’s coming up,
you hold me while I’m dreaming at night
you make me laugh when I’m picking a fight
and I’m gonna love you for the rest of my life…’

come to me – goo goo dolls
i’m still not quite sick of listening to ‘slide’ and ‘iris’ and, okay – let’s be honest, the entire ‘dizzy up the girl’ album, but i must say that this new offering from the goo goo dolls has a special place in my heart already.

‘come to me with secrets bare
I’ll love you more so don’t be scared
when we’re old and near the end
we’ll go home and start again…’

soldier – gavin degraw
when i play this during a wedding reception, it is almost certain that someone will come over and ask me who is singing it and what the name of the song is – which is exactly what i did when i first heard it…  and it became an instant favourite.

‘i’ll get it if you need it,
i’ll search if you can’t see it,
you’re thirsty, i’ll be rain,
you get hurt, i’ll take your pain…’

feels like home – chantal kreviazuk
yes, i am sharing a version of this song that is paired with clips from The Notebook. it’s not just me, seven million other people dig this video too, ok? well, at least 6 million other people, if you subtract my views from the total count…

‘if you knew how much this moment means to me
and how long i’ve waited for your touch
and if you knew how happy you are making me
i never thought that i’d love anyone so much.’

sea of love – cat power
made famous by it’s inclusion in the epic teen rom-com, Juno, this cover of an old doo-wop love song turns a slightly cheesy old song into a soft and even a little sultry love song, perfect for a wedding ceremony.

‘come with me my love
to the sea
the sea of love
i want to tell you
how much i love you’

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