sam + ian’s handmade, shabby-chic Old Timers’ Cabin wedding – edmonton wedding inspiration

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on the quest to find great pictures of the Old Timers’ Cabin for our review last week, i came across this wedding by Tiffany of Call It Love Photography. first – i fell in love with all of Sam & Ian’s details, as well as Sam’s awesome smile that lights up the images of the day. then, i started poking around Tiffany’s website, and couldn’t believe that i hadn’t yet heard of her – she takes some beautiful photos! it just goes to show that edmonton has a wealth of talent when it comes to the wedding industry, and there are plenty of hidden gems to discover. we’re pleased to share Sam & Ian’s sweet, handmade wedding on yegwed, along with a bit of their story and wedding planning experience. enjoy!


how did you meet?

Ian actually moved schools in grade 9 and we were in classes together for the year.  we were pretty mean to him because he was the new kid – complete with taped glasses and a pen exploding in his mouth on the first day! and, he got me in trouble that year for terrorizing a substitute teacher – ha!  we ended up at different high schools and met up again over reading week in 2008 for dollar draft tuesday at Ezzies.  a few dates later and here we are!


what was the proposal like?

the proposal was the best!  we had just moved out to Vancouver Island and we were doing a backpacking trip on the Juan de Fuca trail before school started for both of us.  we were literally knee deep in mud the whole time!  it had been raining all day and Ian managed to get a nice fire going with wet driftwood (i couldn’t understand why he was so insistent that we had a fire!), he proposed to me as the sun was going down.  as i said yes, his shoe was melting in the fire… luckily we had a short hike out the next day!


tell us about the planning process!

well, we started phoning vendors to ask when we should start calling to book and discovered that there were not many dates left, so we had to make some quick decisions!  it was actually pretty easy planning a wedding from another province, we only looked at a few vendors and ended up going with a lot of our gut instincts!  luckily we’re both pretty laid back – we actually really enjoyed planning the wedding, and got a lot of logistical help from Ian’s dad who loved going through all the last minute details with us.


what was the vision for your wedding day?

the “shabby chic” style was all over Pinterest and we went with it!  i really liked the pastels and upcycled materials. i’m really lucky to have a girlfriend – Michelle Heath – who has a masters in Design and offered to help come up with a scheme and layout – she put together some beautiful suggestions for the day (she even gave me my own portfolio!) and was there to put it all together on our wedding day.


was there anything you were worried wouldn’t work, but turned out awesome?

i don’t think of myself as a “crafter” so i was a bit worried when i decided to take on the decoration making. i was worried it would come out like a Pinterest “nailed it” scene, but the hoops and jars for the table turned out great. i only got a small burn from the glue gun – ha! and only one sarcastic shout-out from my dad during his speech: “as you can all see, no expense was spared tonight, look at these decorations!”

i was also really fortunate to have some solid friends who set the hall up the day of, i literally couldn’t have pulled the day off without them! our other friends help set up the beer kegs (those are tricky!) and picked out some beautiful flowers for the tables.


describe your ceremony – what made it unique & special?

our officiant Bob Wyatt was incredible. he really put together a beautiful ceremony that told our story – and he’s really funny! we also found a wine box ceremony that we thought was really neat. we bought a bottle of wine that will age over the next 10 years and put notes to each other into it and our parents tied it together to seal it.


what was the best moment of the day?

the best moment of the day?  can’t do one – we loved the whole evening! it is a pretty surreal feeling to walk into a room with all of your closest family and friends in one place. we loved the family style seating that really made it feel like a family dinner. Ian surprised me with a song he had wrote and played the guitar, harmonica and sang – what a guy! the food was also really good – we were really impressed with our caterers, A Capella Catering, and the cake my friend Jocelyn baked. we also had such a good time dancing all night!


got any advice for someone planning an edmonton wedding?

start early! there are some really beautiful venues and some solid vendors, but people book weddings really far in advance!  (i guess that’s what happens when summer is so short!) also, don’t take the day too seriously. the whole point of a wedding is to have fun and there is really no reason to sweat if something doesn’t go exactly the way you planned.


vendor shoutouts – what vendors made your day awesome? list as many as you can think of!
photographyTiffany Panas of Call It Love Photography
dress and veilBlush Bridal
shoesJessica Simpson, The Bay
suit & tieJ Crew
flowersBest Buds
cake – Jocelyn Walker
cateringA Cappella Catering
bartendingPirates Rugby Club
officiant – Bob Wyatt
hair & makeupMousy Browns
venueOld Timers’ Cabin
bandEuphoria (Ukrainian)

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