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i first came across edmonton accountant Janine Eccleston through her personal finance website, My Pennies, My Thoughts. after her recent engagement, she’s been sharing some super-helpful posts about the financial side of getting married – totally go check them out! when she volunteered to share her love story with yegwed, i was eager to read it, and am even more excted to share it with you today. enjoy!

janine + andrew

Janine + Andrew on the Bridge of Locks in Paris!

‘Our little love story is my favorite, but I’m biased. I met Andrew by fluke, but I like to think that the universe had something to do with it. Everything happens for a reason, right? Just over four years ago I was lost in a big University, with not much direction, and absolutely no idea what I wanted to do when I grew up. Somehow, I ended up in an Organic Chemistry class with a professor I could barely understand. It was frustrating, to say the least. I struggled with that class up until the first midterm… then I just did miserably on the exam and I figured it was time for some help. I emailed the organic tutor registry and the reply I received wasn’t very helpful at all, I was pretty frustrated. As a semi-OCD type-A individual I decided to take matters into my own hands and find my own tutor. I logged onto our Universities tutor registry, which is exactly where I found Andrew’s name. After a few emails back and forth we had set a date to meet. I was a little nervous, Andrew seemed nice, but I had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into.

The moment we met, I felt the breath leave my body. I was completely smitten with him and we were both instantly attracted to each other. I’m pretty sure this is the closest anyone gets to love at first site.

From this moment on we were completely infatuated with each other. There was a bit of space between us during the summer, but neither of us could get the other out of their minds. Long emails and text messages were exchanged at the most odd hours of any day, with an instant response from the other as if we were both just sitting there, waiting for the other to send a message.

As fall blew in, our relationship started to flourish. Our first official date was at the beautiful Devonian Gardens in Edmonton. We walked around and talked for hours while enjoying an ice cream cone. Ever since then we’ve been inseparable. We do absolutely everything together and we share our passion for success, travel and a healthy lifestyle. We’ve been through absolutely everything together and there are millions of things that should have torn us apart by this point but haven’t. That’s when you know that you’re supposed to be with someone.

I remember perhaps a year ago, we were laying in bed, our eyes were getting very heavy and I rolled over and asked “why do you love me?”, I’m sure every gal asks this at some point, and perhaps I was craving attention or feeling insecure, I really can’t remember. What I do remember is what he said: “because I couldn’t imagine not loving you”. It was the perfect answer, and exactly what I needed at the time.

We’ve spent an amazing four years together and as of about a month ago we are planning to spend the rest of our lives together. Andrew asked me to marry him and there is no one in this world I would rather spend the next 80 years with. I’ve never been more sure of anything in my entire life.’

“A soul-mate is someone who has locks that fit our keys, and keys that fit our locks.

When we feel safe enough to open the locks, our truest selves step out

& we can be completely and honestly who we are.”

– Richard Bach

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