edmonton wedding venue review: Old Timers’ Cabin

the Old Timers’ Cabin has quickly become a favourite wedding venue for edmonton couples in the past few years – regardless of the reality that it has been around for 55 years! i’m a big fan of the Old Timers’ Cabin for many reasons, so it is my pleasure to share some photos from a handful of great edmonton photographers along with my review of its suitability as a wedding venue!

basic info + logistics

the cabin operates like a hall rental (rather than a full-service venue like a hotel). it does have a full kitchen that lends well to outside caterers coming in, or to those with lovely family and friends who intend to cater their wedding. the interior walls are exposed logs, and the ceiling boasts big exposed beams (which make hanging lights, paper lanterns, fabric, or any other decor a breeze). the entire floor is hardwood, so you’re not limited to having the dance floor in a particular area. it’s generally an extremely versatile venue when it comes to decor and set-up, and lends particularly well to rustic, vintage, woodsy or natural decor schemes.

capacity + features

it’s one of those places that you’ve probably driven past a million times and hardly noticed – tucked behind a few trees on Scona Road, the beautiful log cabin is truly one of edmonton’s hidden gems. from the cabin, you can see nearly the entire river valley and have a great view of the downtown skyline. there’s a handy built-in bar area and a stage at one end of the room. the big stone fireplace at the opposite end is a focal point and offers all sorts of options for your wedding decor – maybe a photo collection on the mantlepiece? a ledge overflowing with lush floral arrangements? or just left as is for a rustic head table backdrop?

the Old Timers’ Cabin has a capacity of 250 people, and is a large rectangular space, which is simple and offers versatility when it comes to creating your floor plan.


it’s one of the more hassle-free venues in the city, when it comes to accessibility: it’s centrally located, there is plenty of on-site free parking, and there is both a large deck with a wheelchair-accessible ramp and an indoor lift for those unable to take the stairs to the doorway or to the washrooms on the lower level.

table set up

because of the blank slate that the space offers, practically any type of table set up is possible. i’ve seen it set up with both round and rectangular tables, as well as with large square tables (created by putting two rectangular banquet tables side to side, with long edges touching). another very classy option is to have rectangular tables joined end to end to create one or two dining tables that span the length of the room. we’ve tried to showcase the different table setups in the photos we’ve included in this post to give you the most inspiration!

all in all, the Old Timers’ Cabin is a fantastic wedding venue, and we definitely recommend it. just be sure to inquire about your wedding date early – this awesome place is in high demand! check their website out here, or like the Old Timers’ Cabin Facebook page here.

anyone have personal experiences here that you’d like to share? we’d love to hear from you in the comments!