bachelorette party alternatives: win.

as seen on tv

okay – here’s something awesome for your friday! this girl wanted to do something different than the all-too-common bachelorette party progression of getting drunk and heading to the bar in a flimsy veil and a dollar-store sash. Lauren MacKenzie enlisted a crew of loved ones, and created a music video complete with a choreographed dance and a station wagon filled with her older family members. while some might consider this over the top, we think creating a music video with your girlfriends would be a rad way to spend a day, and a great keepsake for everyone involved (well, a better keepsake than a lot of bachelorette parties i’ve been to… *cough*penis-shaped everything*cough).

anyways, check it out!

[vimeo 104443550 w=700 h=421]