yegwed featured on handmade hub Made Urban!

made in edmonton

have you yet discovered the absolute gem that is Made Urban? if not, well you’re in luck because i’m about to introduce you – and trust me, you’ll be glad i did!

i first noticed this site when some local artisans started announcing that they were selling their wares on – and i clicked through to discover a user-friendly hub of all things local and handmade. it’s far easier to find goods in edmonton than other mass online stores (i.e. Etsy, or larger, like Ebay or Amazon), and there’s not just products for sale either – here’s how Made Urban describes themselves:

‘We’re an online marketplace for buying and selling locally made goods and so much more! Shop for products made in your province, search for local creative service providers or find unique small ma and pa shops located right in your city.’

awesome, right? not to mention the fact that this is a great resource for anyone planning a wedding and looking for locally made items to include. if all of that isn’t quite awesome enough for you, today they published an interview with me… check it out by clicking on the image below!!

made urban