when you’ve got trouble – liz longley

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love isn’t always about the good days and the epic date nights and the sweet gestures. sometimes love is revealed when you stand with someone through a season of darkness and trouble.  the poignant lyrics of this song are such a true description of what love looks like when times are hard…

‘so what, what, what do you need?
i’ll kiss you awake when you’ve had a bad dream
and i’ll tell you a story… make it up as i go
or i’ll sing you a song that i know that you know, it goes…

oh my heart is tangled all around you
when you’ve got trouble i’ve got trouble too
oh my life is arm and arm with you
when you’ve got trouble i’ve got trouble too…’

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_zP8y9-3X4?rel=0]

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