how to plan your wedding using #yegweddinghour on twitter


what is it?

edmonton wedding photography duo funmi and adrian of FO Photography (@FO_Photography) started #yegweddinghour after seeing the success of a similar trend in their homeland – #weddinghour in the United Kingdom garners hundreds of tweets each week.

in a post announcing the new twitter initiative, FO Photography explained, ‘The ultimate goal is to make it easier for brides & grooms to search for Edmonton wedding vendors whilst we, as vendors, support each other.’ click here to check out the full post.

following its inception, #yegweddinghour quickly garnered some media attention. in an interview with linda hoang (@lindork), devin komarniski of Newley Sound (@NewleySound) defined one of the biggest benefits of the initiative:

‘#yegweddinghour could be a huge asset for Edmonton’s wedding industry because it promotes collaboration in lieu of competition…This will lead to more creativity, innovation and better services for consumers.”  you can check out the whole interview with the Edmonton Sun here.

how does it work?

#yegweddinghour takes place on wednesdays, from 7-8pm. if you’re new to twitter, it’s easy to follow along: twitter users that want to participate, can simply post a tweet that includes the hashtag #yegweddinghour, and their post will show up along with all other posts with the same hashtag when someone searches twitter for it. for example, bride-to-be @Kimmm_G sought some favor advice:

when anyone searches for ‘#yegweddinghour’ (in the search box at the top right of your twitter homepage), all tweets featuring that hashtag will show up (even from people you don’t follow). then, you can join the conversation, responding to tweets and making new twitter pals. a-like so:

boom. and that was only about half of the suggestions Kim received! don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and ask a few questions, you never know what sort of help you might find.

how can it help with wedding planning?

– meeting vendors. connecting with a variety of vendors at once helps you find people who will be an asset to your wedding. not all vendors will be a perfect fit – for some vendors, it’s best to meet with a few different companies before making your decision. you want to make sure that you like the personality & ethos of your vendors just as much as you like their work – after all, you’ll have multiple meetings and in some cases they will be present on the day of your wedding. connecting first on twitter may help you come up with a vendor shortlist and ask some initial questions before you take the time to meet in person.

– asking questions. #yegweddinghour is a no-pressure environment where you can ask for advice on any wedding-related topics. if a vendor can be the solution to your problem, i’m sure that they will let you know, but my experience is that all vendors that participate are happy to refer you to the perfect people for the job. also, keep in mind that most vendors have seen hundreds of weddings firsthand – we know what works and what doesn’t, and how to make your wedding day smoother for everyone involved!

– choosing vendors. remember one of the first real weddings we featured, nikky & thomas’ winter wedding at the polish country lodge? well, nikky (@Nikky_B) says that she chose nearly all of her vendors using #yegweddinghour. after connecting with vendors and getting a feel for their work and personality, you may be able to do more than just make a shortlist – you might just find the perfect people to make your wedding dreams become a reality.

join us for #yegweddinghour every wednesday from 7-8pm. click here to see all posts with the hashtag #yegweddinghour, and click here to find yegwed on twitter!