dapper details – BurningSchoolhouse Bowties – men’s wedding style

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it’s been a few weeks since we’ve given any wedding inspiration for the gentlemen, so we figured that it’s about time to share these sweet handmade-in-edmonton bowties with you. enter, BurningSchoolhouse. designed and sewn by kelsey kendrick (also of Kendrick & Kendrick Art and Fine Wares), these dapper details are available in every colour of the rainbow, and -our favourite! – can be made to custom order.

read on to learn more about the inspiration behind BurningSchoolhouse, where to find them, and what edmonton gems kelsey loves to check out when she’s not crafting these classy mens duds.

View More: http://fophotography.pass.us/jLKnG107439

tell us a bit about yourself!

i am a born and raised edmontonian for starters, and forever involved in all things artsy and crafty. i always had an eye for men in dapper dress – i remember being in my high school production of The Christmas Carol and just dying over getting to suit up all the boys in bowties and suspenders. i love making things that i love; hopefully you’ll love them too. so many of my projects come to be just out of the fact that the fabric or the concept makes me smile.

View More: http://fophotography.pass.us/jLKnG107439


now tell us about your business – what made you choose to start selling your handmade creations?

i started selling BurningSchoolhouse bowties in the spring of 2012. it started even earlier in 2011 when i made my then-boyfriend (now husband) a pair of bowties for his birthday because i was way too broke to shop for him. before i knew it i was taking commission orders from our friends and from there it was just the natural progression to turn it into a business. edmonton was seriously thirsty for bowties and it’s a void i am more than happy to fill. now that bowties are starting to become more commonly available i try to keep mine unique in the market by adhering to a few key principles: versatile (dress it up or keep it casual), playful (fun but not obnoxious), and i always try to have every colour of the rainbow in stock. and now I am even branching out further and making custom bridesmaid’s clutches and wedding cake toppers! after making my own for my 2012 nuptials I’ve been working on a series of art dolls and am currently taking commission orders.

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yeg love! – top three favourite things to do in edmonton?

i am a huge museum lover and i work in heritage, so by first choice is always to head to a museum or a historic site, the Art Gallery of Alberta, Rutherford House and the Royal Alberta Museum are probably my most frequent stops.

Old Strathcona Antique Mall and Rocky Mountain Antique Mall are also frequent visits (and a huge help in outfitting my wedding!)

– And then there’s always going to a show! Edmonton’s talent (both musically and on stage) never fails to delight.

View More: http://fophotography.pass.us/jLKnG107439

most importantly, where can people find burning schoolhouse? do you take special orders or commissions?

Kendrickandkendrick.ca and the BurningSchoolhouse Facebook page are my online homes and always have updates about our next craft show. BurningSchoolhouse Bowties are also available at Tix on the Square. i love taking special orders and commissions, nothing gets me more excited than talking with brides and outfitting their parties. enthusiasm is an infectious thing and i love it.

pssst…. you can see more details from kelsey’s stylish wedding over on Hailey Nordstrom Photography’s blog.

thanks so much for sharing your work with us, kelsey!

do you make handmade goods that are perfect for an edmonton wedding? we’d love to hear from you!